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An Important Letter from Fr. Peter Gillquist About the 2004 North American Orthodox Conference on Missions and Evangelism

Dear Friend,

You’ve seen the news: escalating conflicts between nations, continuing breakdown of the family, homosexual marriage legalized by governments and sanctified by church bodies — even the consecration of a practicing homosexual bishop! More than ever, our nation needs the firm foundation of the ancient Christian Faith. For our nation, our neighbors, to embrace this Faith, you and I must actively share the hope that is in us. This is why I ask you to consider participating in the 2004 North American Orthodox Conference on Missions and Evangelism .

If you never have attended the Conference, I strongly urge you to make this the year you do. You will grow in your own Faith, and learn how to share Christ and His Church with others — that they too might become followers of Jesus Christ and worship Him with us in the fullness of the Christian Faith. It will open you to an entirely new, and very Orthodox, perspective on evangelism and Church growth.

If you have attended the Conference in the past, there are two important reasons for you to return. First, over 80% of this year’s sessions will be completely new topics or fresh takes on subjects covered in past Conferences. Second, your previous experience can encourage and support those who will be joining us for the first time.

The Conference website,, offers descriptions of the sessions, a preliminary schedule, registration instructions, and other important information. Space still is available, but please register soon. I’ll look for you in Norman!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Peter Gillquist