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Orthodox Britain!

Join us on a holy pilgrimage to

Orthodox Britain!

May 16-28, 2005

led by

Archpriest Josiah Trenham, Ph.D.

St. Andrew

Antiochian Orthodox Church Riverside , California

Did you know that England is home to an abundance of the saints of our Church? Her holy sites, relics and holy wells can be found throughout the British Isles and England, in particular. England is an ideal place to make a pilgrimage since it is much closer than Greece, Russia, or the Holy Land, there are no linguistic barriers, it is much cheaper to access, and, for many of America’s Orthodox these days, England is their “old country.”

Over the last eight years Fr. Josiah has had the opportunity to travel each year to Great Britain in the course of doing theological research at the University of Durham under the Orthodox theologian, Rev. Dr. Andrew Louth. On these trips, he has made many trips to various holy sites of Great Britain, gathering up information on England’s Orthodox past.

With the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan PHILIP , and of His Grace, Bishop JOSEPH , pilgrims will journey to sacred locations of Orthodox England from May 16th-28th, 2005. Setting out from Edinburgh (Scotland) on an executive coach, pilgrims will explore places in Edinburgh, Lindisfarne (the “holy island”), Durham, York, Colchester, Tolleshunt Knights, London, Oxford, St. Alban’s, Canterbury, Birmingham and Lichfield. Lectures will be provided by Fr. Josiah on the coach while en route to these sites, and also by different English Orthodox clergymen and scholars in the various areas.

In order to keep the cost affordable for all persons a tour is being offered, but not a travel package . All participants, with the assistance of accommodation recommendations provided, are responsible for arranging their own flight and hotel accommodations. In order to secure a place on the tour, a fee of $650 (which covers the costs of the coach and tour guides) is due in full by March 31, 2005. Tour is limited to 48 persons.

For more detailed information please visit (see Orthodox Britain link) or call for the tour coordinators, Alan and Sheilagh Means @ 714-962-4819 for brochures and more information.

 Download the brochure here