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OCN- Schedule of Programs for September 2005

For Immediate Release
For More Information please contact:
OCN - Orthodox Christian Network Sub Deacon Nicholas Tentzeras, Booking Director
"Come Receive the Light" Radio Program
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Schedule of Programs for September 2005

09/03/2005    Topic:         Loss of a Child
              Guests:        Fr. Don and Khouriya Maggie Hock
How can one survive the loss of a child?  Will things ever be the same?  Be sure to join us as Father Chris and Emmy speak with Fr. Don and Khouriya Maggie Hock as they tell of their own personal experience on losing a child. Married 35 years with four daughters and a son, they share their story with us in an effort to give hope to families who have suffered a loss and educate those around them on how to be supportive.
09/10/2005    Topic:         Ecumenism in the 21st Century
              Guest:         Despina Prassas
American society is a picture of multiculturalism.  How do you deal with faiths coming together in a diversified culture? Fr. Chris and Emmy welcome back Dr. Despina Prassas as she will discuss the dialogue between Pentecostals and Orthodox Christians and what the Orthodox Christian Church prays for and envisions as being the role of the Orthodox Christian Church in Ecumenism in the 21st Century.

09/17/2005    Topic:        Orthodox Christianity in American Public Life
              Guest:       Dr. Elizabeth H. Prodromou
There are many differences between the pluralistic society we live in and a Byzantium like state. So how do we deal with the challenges and are we able to be good Orthodox Christians while living in such a society?  Be sure to join us when we speak with Dr. Elizabeth Prodromou, Assistant Professor in International Relations from Boston University.
09/24/2005    Topic:        Religion and Illness                      
              Guest:        Fr. John Panagiotou
Another barrier has been created to keep religion out of public places. Fr. John Panagiotou will be discussing why priests should be allowed to visit the sick in hospitals and how a new law has created unintended consequences. Listen to learn how this can affect you and your family.
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