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Ask an X (Professional Background)

Ask someone who shares your professional background, or has expertise in an area you’re curious about:

Deacon Philip LeMasters
Afanasiy Bailey
Scott Cairns

Professional Artist
Dennis Engleman dennis@art-
Jocelyn Mathewes

Evan Alevizatos Chriss
Tim Barkley

Bookstore Manager
Randall Mark Trainer

Business Executive
Paul Geczy

Choir Director
Colleen Oren

Dennis Engleman dennis@art-

Graphic Designer
Jocelyn Mathewes

Homeschooling Parent
Ina O'Dell
John Granger

Psychiatric Nurse
Barbara Allen

Professional Writer
Scott Cairns (Poet)
Brian Phipps (Poet, Writer, Editor)

Person who speaks Spanish
Fr. Antonio Perdomo

For Questions about the differing paradigms that cause terms to have different meanings in Western and Eastern Christianity
Afanasiy Bailey

Currently a pastor elsewhere?
Ask about the process to ordination in the Orthodox Church
Howard Lange