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His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP appoints Mr. Christopher Holwey to chair the Archdiocese Department of Sacred Music effective F

January 5, 2006Englewood, New Jersey
His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP has appointed Mr. Christopher Holwey of Joliet, Illinois, as the Chairman of the Sacred Music Department for the Archdiocese. This appointment will be effective February 1, 2006. Mr. Holwey is a graduate of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, where he helped to direct both the male and mixed Seminary choirs from 1981 to 1984. He also sang with the Seminary Octet in 1983, performing in more than 97 parishes around the country. He recently composed a choral setting for the Divine Liturgy, and arranged all of the special melodies of Troparia and Kontakia that are sung on the feasts of the Orthodox Church. He is an accomplished pianist, and has chanted and participated in choirs for most of his life. We welcome Mr. Holwey to this position, and pray that our Lord will bless his work, and the work of all of the department members who generously volunteer their time. We also express sincere thanks to all of the chanters, choir directors and choir members of this Archdiocese who labor selflessly to uplift our souls with beautiful music.
Mr. James Meena, Chairman of the Department of Sacred Music for the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, has requested and received the blessing from His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP to end his four-year tenure as the chairman of this department. He will pursue other endeavors which demand his time and attention. Under his leadership, the department has fostered the growth of the Sacred Music Institute on both the East and West coast, as well as the enhanced use of the internet for the distribution of sacred music material. Mr. Meena served the department with distinction, and his contributions are greatly appreciated.