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Evening Divine Liturgy Structure

The Structure Of The Evening Divine Liturgy


1. "Blessed is the Kingdom. . ."

2. Psalm 104

3. Great Ektenia

4. "O Lord, I have cried. . .," in the proper tone
     Glory and Now for the Feast.

5. Little Entrance with the Gospel

6. After the Little Entrance:
    a.  "O Gladsome Light. . ."
    b.  Troparion of the Feast
    c.  Troparion of the Patron Saint
    d.  Kontakion of the Feast

7. Trisagion Hymn

8. Epistle: of the Feast

9. Gospel: of the Feast

10. The rest of the Divine Liturgy

11. Megalynarion: of the Feast

12. Koinonikon (Communion Hymn): of the Feast

13. Instead of "We have seen the true light. . .," sing the Troparion of the Feast. (Only if it is one of the twelve great feasts.)

14. Dismissal: For the Feast