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SVS Summer Institute, June 25-30, 2006

SVS Summer Institute, June 25-30, 2006

A short-term way to study at St Vladimir’s Seminary

The annual St Vladimir’s Seminary Summer Institute is a week-long study opportunity for everyone interested in the life of the Orthodox Church; clergy and laity, men and women, young and old. Participants are invited to delve into important theological questions in small and large group discussions all within a context of active involvement in daily worship. A combination of lecture and interactive workshops will explore this year’s theme “A Christian Ending to our Life: The Mystery of Death.”

“Everyone speaks of death as something that concerns us all,” says Dr Peter Bouteneff, SVS Associate Professor in Dogmatic Theology and organizer of this year’s institute. “But do we all understand the same thing about death? A physician, a theologian and an insurance salesman will speak differently about death. And anyone’s perspective changes when they look at their own death or that of a loved one.”

A full cycle of services in the seminary's chapel is at the center of the activities that define this edifying week. The SVS Summer Institute provides opportunities to make and renew friendships, to interact with SVS faculty and guest lecturers. Participants will enjoy being on the beautiful campus, taking advantage of the SVS bookstore, and having access to the seminary’s library.

The daily program allows for several different ways to participate in the institute. Participants may attend specific lectures and activities focused on Liturgical Music, or Theology and Pastoral Practice. Those in the Liturgical Music track will receive training in singing, conducting, and composition, and also attend lectures on such topics as Interpreting Music for the Departed and Hymns of St. John Damascus. Those in the Theological and Pastoral track will explore topics such as Life and Death Today: Ethical Issues, Death in the Old and New Testament, and Legal implications of Death: Wills and Living Wills.

Participants in both tracks will also hear lectures by guest faculty, who include some of the most gifted scholars, practitioners, and writers in the Orthodox Church today, such as David Bentley Hart, Fr John Garvey, and Lila Kalinich. These and other distinguished guests will join SVS faculty and staff members during several days of the institute in order to interact with participants in lecture as well as in informal question-and-answer sessions.

A new feature being offered this year is an intensive twelve-hour for-credit course on Christian counseling in relation to death and dying taught by Dr Albert Rossi, clinical psychologist and SVS Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology. Dr Rossi will cover topics including: an Orthodox vision of death; tasks of mourning; grief; suffering and pain management; children and death; suicide; euthanasia; miscarriages; and abortion. Those in the course will acquire counseling skills through an interactive and discussion-oriented learning style.

Please visit the “Events” section of our website,, for detailed information about the sessions, the faculty, registration, fees and accommodations. A registration form is downloadable at More information and registration forms are also available by emailing or calling (914) 961–8313.