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2006 Fall Meeting Minutes

Diocesan Meeting
St George Church, Lawrence
Saturday, September 30, 2006
The meeting was opened with the Antiochian Women’s Prayer. There were 23 members present.
Executive Board Present:
President- Priscilla Goss, Vice President- Marilyn Kurban, Treasurer- Carol Swydan, Secretary- Pam Samara, Coordinators: Membership- Marilyn Robbat, Humanitarian- Gladys Laham, Cultural- Nora Walker, Religious- Kh. Louise Ferguson 
Executive Board Absent:
Past President- MaryEllen Mabardy, Website Coordinator- Melissa Nassiff
            St. Mary Cambridge – 1              St. George Norwood – 0             St. Michael Cape Cod – 0
St. John Dedham – 1                  St. George WRoxbury – 1           All Saints Mission SWeymouth – 1
                St. George Lawrence – 4            St. George Worcester - 1            St. Elias Mission Fall River - 0   
                St. George Lowell – 3                St. Mary Pawtucket – 3
SECRETARY’S REPORT- Pam Samara          
Minutes of the meeting at the Parish Life Conference on June 23 were read. Motion to accept was made by Marilyn Kurban and seconded by Phyllis Arsenault.
Carol presented the Treasurer's report. After a short discussion, a motion to accept the report was made by Laurence Skaff and seconded by Sophie Hallal.              
Our Diocese total collected this year for the Retired Clergy Fund was $14,508.25. The total collected by NAB was $141,093.65. Grand Total for the past 2 years is $256,093.65. The report was accepted by Louise Homsy and seconded by Gladys Laham.
Tracing Our Ancestors” gave us significant names from the Old Testament who have influenced our heritage and culture. Nora shared many interesting stories about those in the Old Testament and did a "Family Tree" handout, which helped us understand the lineage. 
A large collection of Beanie Babies were given to Selma Winstanley (St. Mary, Cambridge) by a co-worker, Ruth Lewis, who works in the Comptroller's Div. Town of Arlington.  This collection will be used as a donation to the Children’s Hospital along with items to be collected by all our member parishes. A list of suitable items will be sent by Gladys to all churches. Items will be collected at the January meeting.
Our Retreat will be held on February 3, with a snow date of February 10, at St George Church, Norwood. Registration will be $15, and will include lunch. Child Care may be offered, and the speaker will be Fr Eugene Pentiuc, a Professor of Old Testament at Hellenic College.
PARISH LIFE CONFERENCE – Elizabeth Votruba, Conference Chairperson
We were presented a check for $2291, from the 2006 Conference, along with copies of the final report.  Among her recommendations for the 2007 Conference were that the combined Friday luncheon go back to an Antiochian Woman Luncheon. The 2007 committee will decide.
MEMBERSHIPMarilyn Robbat
In an effort to raise awareness of women's health issues,  Marilyn gave us a sheet stating September is “National Cholesterol Education Month”, with steps to reduce our cholesterol levels. 
We also were given note pads with the Antiochian Women name and Logo.
WEBSITEMelissa Nassiff  
Improvements and updates to our website were described in Melissa’s report.
From the Mid-Summer Meeting:
NAB Project Total $141,093.65 with a goal of $500,000 in 3 more years
Comments from Metropolitan Philip about the tragedy in Lebanon, and thanks for a $1000 donation. 
NAB Constitution Change Vote was ‘Yes’ to officers serving 2 years, plus 2 more if they want to run and are elected again. Local chapters do not have to change their constitutions to reflect this vote.
Chapter and Diocesan Treasurers must keep accurate records in case of an audit.
We should promote ourselves, and what we do. A DVD will be given to each chapter.
2007 Archdiocese Conference will be at Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel. Passports will soon be needed to enter Canada, but not until after the Conference.
A Public Relations coordinator is needed for one year. Anyone interested, please contact Priscilla.
The Antiochian Orthodox Way” by Nora Walker was reprinted and given to all chapters.   Several books were given at the Clergy Symposium at Antiochian Village in July.
Our Spiritual Advisor, Officers, and Coordinators were highlighted in the September issue of "Diakonia".
Tithing – suggestions for this years’ recipient were made, then a motion was made by Marilyn Robbat that “The Diocesan 10% tithe will be sent to the Archdiocese to be earmarked for the Lebanon Relief Fund.” It was seconded by Gladys Laham, and passed unanimously.
The book “Sacred Meals” by Fr. John Finley is available for $9.48 to AW groups, to be sold for $18.95. Priscilla will order a case and each chapter may sell 2 or more and send funds to the Diocesan Treasurer.
Updated Listing of Officers and Coordinators was handed out.
Conference 2007 will be at the Plymouth Radisson June 28-July 1
Conference 2008 will be at the Providence Marriot, hosted by St Mary Pawtucket, with Salwa Khoury, Chairperson
A MOTION TO ADJOURN   was made at 12:20.  Fr. Ed led us in a prayer, and then we all enjoyed a delicious Fellowship Luncheon.
Respectfully Submitted,  
Pam Samara,
NEXT MEETING: January 20, 2007 St John Church Dedham