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2009 Archdiocese Convention

The 49th Convention of our Archdiocese is being held at JW Desert Springs Marriott Resort and Spa in Palm Desert, California, from July 19-26, 2009. This section will be our home on for the daily coverage we'll be providing from the Convention itself. May our gathering be greatly blessed!

Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa Reservation Information

Good news to all who were late in making their reservations after the deadline for a room at the Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa:  We have reached our goal of an additional 120 room night reservations.  Your room rate will be the same $133/night originally offered to early convention registrants.  Some rooms are still available by phoning the hotel at (760) 341-2211.

Metropolitan NIKITAS Leads Convention Guest Speakers

Metropolitan NIKITASMetropolitan NIKITASLearn more about the guest speakers attending the 2009 Convention:

Metropolitan NIKITAS, Convention Guest Speaker

The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch is pleased to be sponsoring the Convention Guest Speaker, His Eminence, Metropolitan NIKITAS, Director of the Patriarch Athenagoras Institute in Berkeley, California. The Patriarch Athenagoras Institute is affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley, and offers a Master of Arts in Orthodox Christian studies. It also sponsors the local OCF, one of the most active college fellowships on the west coast, houses a Rare Book Room and museum, and hosts educational programs and lectures. Metropolitan NIKITAS, who was born in the United States, served as the first Metropolitan of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia (1996-2006) and worked closely with IOCC to provide relief to the victims of the tsunami within his archdiocese in 2004. While possessing sterling academic and ministerial credentials from his years of study and service, the Metropolitan is most well known as a refreshingly candid, engaging speaker. His Eminence Nikitas will address Convention guests on Thursday, July 23 and Friday, July 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the Convention Chapel.

Convention Planners Release Information Sheet for Attendees

All those who attend the Archdiocese Convention will be provided with the following Announcements sheet. It is also being made available here for your benefit.


Please be sure that your cell phone and/or pager are turned off or on “vibrate” while in the chapel.

The Convention Registration Counter will be closed during all chapel services.

In order to maintain a prayerful attitude during our services, please afford yourself enough time to enter the chapel before the start of services and plan to be properly attired.  Shorts and tank tops are not appropriate in the chapel.  It is also proper to observe a pre-communion fast before receiving Holy Communion at the Divine Liturgy.  Priests are available to hear Confession at the front of the chapel prior to the beginning of Liturgy, Vespers, and Daily Orthros.

49th Annual Archdiocese Convention Releases Reports Online

For the first time, planners for the 49th annual Antiochian Convention have released online in advance of the Archdiocese Convention the official reports prepared by each department and ministry for delivery at the Convention. To take advantage of this valuable resource, you can download the reports as a single PDF file from the Convention website here.

Convention to Celebrate His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP's 50th Anniversary to the Priesthood

One of the occasions to be commemorated at this year's convention will be that of Metropolitan PHILIP's anniversary of his elevation to the priesthood. May God grant His Eminence many, many years!

Click here to learn more about His Eminence and explore his writings.

Charity Theme of 2009 Convention

This verse has been chosen as the theme for the 2009 Convention hosted July 19 to 26, 2009, in Palm Desert, CA, by St. Michael Church of Van Nuys:

"Be mindful, O Lord, of those who bear fruit and do good works in thy Holy Churches, and who remember the poor." + The Anaphoras of Sts. Basil the Great and John Chrysostom

In support of this theme, International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) will be exhibiting at the Convention, with multiple special presentations planned.

Also present will be FOCUS North America. Working primarily in the areas of Food, Occupation, Clothing, Understanding and Shelter, FOCUS North America (the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve) exists to share the love of Christ with our neighbors who are hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, strangers and in prison here in North America (Matt. 25:34-6).  FOCUS North America is a domestic social action agency of the Orthodox Church "warmly endorsed" by the hierarchs of SCOBA.  It was formed to serve the poor and needy on behalf of the Church in North America, to support existing Orthodox ministries doing so effectively, and to help welcoming parishes initiate new social action ministries in their own communities.

Here at, we will be bringing together notable news about charitable work done across our Archdiocese and the ministries like IOCC which we help support. Visit our collection of articles on charitable work here.