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Residency Program

What is the…

Residency Program?

Open to:

  • Seminarians during their years of study
  • Current and soon-to-be-candidates for ordination who have not attended an Orthodox theological seminary
  • St. Stephen’s students who will be applying for ordination in the Antiochian Archdiocese


  • To orient students to the application of theological categories
  • To emphasize contemporary problems and issues within the ministry of the church
  • To create an arena where seminarians and other students can dialogue about the future of their church
  • To provide for seminars which are rooted in the spirit of Orthodox Antioch


  • Students (non-seminarians) choose either the first or second week, for three consecutive years.
  • Antiochian seminarians are required to attend both weeks for three consecutive years from acceptance in seminary through graduation.
  • Candidates for ordination in St. Stephen's studies are required to attend three consecutive one-week programs.


  • Two weeks annually—the last week in August and the first full week in September. Seminarians will depart from the House of Studies directly to seminary.  All students must be present on the Sunday before the Monday morning class.

For more information contact: The Registrar at the House of Studies Office (201) 569–0095

To obtain books contact: Librarian at the Antiochian Village Heritage and Learning Center (724) 238–3677