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The Clergy Symposium

What is the…

Clergy Symposium?

Open to:

  • All clergy (presbyters and deacons) of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
  • Invited guest clergy and laity


  • To provide information relative to the theory and practice of the Orthodox ordained ministry
  • To impart through guest lectures knowledge of issues and problems crucial to a clergyman in today’s culture
  • To create a forum for common discussion regarding ministerial challenges
  • To learn on a continuing basis the spiritual and historical roots of the Church and her theology


  • All priests and deacons are required by the Metropolitan to attend.


  • One week biennially—the third or fourth week in July—of even-numbered years (those opposite the Archdiocesan Convention).

Contact: Fr. Joseph Allen, Chairman of Theological & Pastoral Education