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Diocese of Wichita News

Dr. J.S. Luke Stauffer Ordained to Holy Deaconate

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

HE IS WORTHY! On May 6th, 2012 Dr. J.S. Luke Stauffer was ordained to the holy diaconate at St George Cathedral in Wichita, Kansas. He is assigned to Holy Mother of God Mission in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Memory Eternal! + Subdeacon George Shakour

Subdeacon George Jacob ShakourSubdeacon George Jacob ShakourHis Grace Bishop Basil writes:

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Subdeacon George Shakour of St. Michael in Beaumont, TX, who reposed on Pascha. Condolences may be sent to his wife Sherridan c/o her parish priest Fr. Michael Pavez at Please join me in praying a rope for the repose of Subdeacon George's soul, saying, "O Lord Jesus Christ, grant rest to the soul of Thy departed servant." May he be granted Paradise, and may you be granted long life.

The following obituary was published on the Broussard's Mortuary website, Beaumont, TX: 

George Jacob Shakour, 69, of Beaumont, went to be with his Lord unexpectedly on April 15, 2012, at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital. Mr. Shakour was born on November 8, 1942, in Beaumont, to George and Mildred Shakour. He attended Beaumont High, and continued his education at Lamar University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Government. He enlisted in the Army after college, and bravely served his country in the Vietnam War. During his service, he received an Orthodox cross from a priest in Italy which he never took off for the rest of his life. George was a devoted member of St. Michael’s Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church and served as a sub-Deacon there. He also dedicated many hours to the small church of St. John the Divine in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

No Damage or Injuries from Heartland Tornadoes

St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral, WichitaSt. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral, WichitaOn April 16, His Grace Bishop Basil (Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America) gave thanks to God for His help during the recent period of tornadoes in the nation's Heartland.

"GLORY TO GOD! None of our parishioners sustained any injuries and none of our church temples sustained any damage during the violent tornadoes (estimated to be numbered at 130+) which ripped through the Heartland this past weekend, claiming six lives in Woodward, OK. The only noticeable result was a one hour delay in the start of Paschal services at Wichita's St. George Cathedral and St. Mary Church. Thank you for your prayers and the many inquiries of concern."

2012 Paschal Greetings from Bishop Basil

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

Pascha 2012

Beloved and Christ-loving Clergy, Monastics and Laity of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America:

I embrace and greet you with a holy kiss in the Name of the Resurrected Theanthropos Jesus Christ, and, together with you and Orthodox Christians throughout the world, I joyfully proclaim that

Christ is risen! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! ! ا ق حيسملا م Хрңстос Воскресе! Hristos a înviat! Cristo ha resucitado!

As we delight in the brilliance of the Resurrection, the dawn of the New and Eighth Day, I offer for your consideration the following words of the late Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain, the Most Reverend ANTHONY Bloom (1914-2003):

Memory Eternal! + Ruth Cohlmia

His Grace Bishop Basil has passed along the sad news that Ruth Cohlmia, wife of Jim Cohlmia, has reposed in the Lord. The funeral services will be held in Wichita, Kansas at St. George Cathedral; The day and time has not been established. A short memorial service is tentatively scheduled for Thursday evening, April 5, at 7:00 PM at St. Ignatius Orthodox Mission, 3800 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ.

Diocese of Wichita Lenten Retreats

Lenten Retreat 2
"That They All May Be One"
Speaker: His Grace Bishop Basil

March 23-24, 2012
St. Basil Church
Wichita, Kansas
Download Flyer (PDF)

The retreat is gifted by our Bortherhood and meals will be provided through your love offering.



Lenten Retreat 3
“Voices from the Crowd on the Via Dolorosa, The Way of the Cross”

Speaker: Fr. Lester Michael Bundy of St. Columba Antiochian Orthodox Church

March 30-31, 2012
The Benedictine Fellowship of St. Laurence
Canon City, Colorado
Download Flyer and Registration Form (PDF)

Retreat cost is $49 per person though Sunday, $39 through Saturday. St. Laurence campus is a mountain valley ten miles west of Canon City on Hiway 50, then north eleven miles on Hiway 9 and then west on County Road 21. Call 303-722-0707 or go to for directions.

Bishop Basil's 2012 Letter for the Great Fast

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

February 26th, 2012
Forgiveness Sunday

To the Christ-loving Clergy, Monastics and Laity of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America:

I bless you, and greet you with a holy kiss in the Name of the Lord Christ.

As we make our final preparations to enter into the Great Fast – which the hymnography of our Holy Church calls “the Springtime of the soul” – I make a prostration before each of you, begging your forgiveness and, of your charity, remembrance in your holy prayers.

In his Homily on Fasting, Abba Dorotheos of Gaza (+AD 620) says to us:

“Not only must we all pay attention to what we are eating, but we must also abstain from every sin, so that while the belly fasts, in the same way the tongue should also fast. In other words, we must abstain from slander, from lying, from vain talking, from mocking others, from anger and, in a word, from every sin which we commit with the tongue. In the same way, our eyes must also fast and not look at vain sights. Let us not be haughty with words and not look at anyone with rudeness and audacity. In the same way, if we are fasting, our fasting is pleasing to God when the five gates of our senses are well closed and preserve us pure and undefiled.”

May it be! Asking your forgiveness and prayers, assuring you of my continued paternal love, prayers and blessings, and wishing you a good Fast, I remain

Your unworthy intercessor before the All-holy Trinity,

+Bishop Basil

Wichita Orthodox Community Set to Open Christ the Savior Academy

WICHITA, Kansas. --“This will affect our children for eternity. It is for eternity,” His Grace Bishop Basil told the Orthodox community as they prepared to investigate the formation of an Orthodox classical school in Wichita.

Now, two years later, the school is on track to open its doors in the fall of 2012. Enrollment has begun, and the board of directors for Christ the Savior Academy, Inc., is accepting applications for the headmaster and teacher positions. The board plans to start the school small with Prekindergarten through second grade. With God as its guide, the school hopes to grow a grade a year until it reaches fifth grade.  (For more information, visit the website.)

Preparation for an Orthodox parochial school was initiated when St. George Cathedral approved construction of an educational wing addition to the Cathedral facilities. The addition was designed with a school in mind.

DOWAMA Clergy Brotherhood Meets for 2012 Retreat

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

GLORY TO GOD! Seventy-five brothers gathered for the 40th annual DOWAMA Clergy Brotherhood Retreat at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita, Kansas this past week. We completed our time together today with Divine Liturgy and the Clergy Brotherhood Breakfast Meeting at the Cathedral followed by an Open House at the Chancery. Many thanks to the Board of the Virginia Farah Foundation for again providing our Clergy Brotherhood with a grant to underwrite the expenses of bringing in the guest speaker for our Retreat. And sincere thanks are expressed to Richard and Joyce Ayoob of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Los Angeles, California for their very thoughtful and generous donation to our Diocese, which allowed scholarships to be provided for several of our brothers to attend the Retreat, as well as the gift of the book "Alexandros Papadiamantis: Greece's Dostoevsky" to each man who attended the Retreat.

The dates for the 2013 Retreat are February 12th - 15th.

Assembly of Bishops Secretariat Meets at Antiochian Parish in Riverside

Assembly of Bishops SecretariatAssembly of Bishops SecretariatThe Secretariat of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America held its annual "face-to-face" meeting, January 24th and 25th, 2012. The hosts for this year's "face-to-face" meeting were Father Josiah Trenham and the congregation of St Andrew Church in Riverside, CA. An overview of the work accomplished at the Riverside meeting will be included in a soon-to-be issued media release which will report to the Church-at-large on the work of the Assembly during the past year.

The Secretariat, which also meets monthly via teleconference, consists of Bishop Basil (Secretary of the Assembly of Bishops), Archbishop Antony, Bishop Andonios, Bishop Maxim, Father Mark Arey, Father Nicholas Ceko, Father Josiah Trenham, Hierodeacon Benedict (Armitage), Protodeacon Peter Danilchick, and Messrs. Alexei Krindatch, Alex Machaskee, Eric Namee and Constantin Ursache.

DOWAMA Winter Camp + February 17-20, 2012

Winter Camp 2012 for the Diocese of Wichita will be held at Camp St. Raphael in Wagoner, Oklahoma from February 17-20. This year's theme will be Christ the Merciful Judge, and the camp will feature speaker George Hazaris, the youth director and pastoral assistant from the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior in Rye, New York.

Form & $100 registration (Chaperones/Advisors $70.00) payment is due by Tuesday, February 7th, 2012, and should be sent to:

St. George Orthodox Church – Attn: Paul Fuller
5311 Mercer Street
Houston, TX 77005

Click here to download a registration form (Word format). Please contact Paul Fuller at 502.592.9981 (cell) or if you have any questions.

2012 DOWAMA Clergy Brotherhood Retreat

The deadline for registering for the 40th Annual St. Raphael DOWAMA Clergy Brotherhood Retreat - "ANTIOCH AND HER SPIRITUAL PATRIMONY" - is Friday, January 27th, when we must make a firm commitment for the number of rooms and meals with the Spiritual Life Center. Remember that the Retreat will be held February 14th through 17th, 2012 at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita, Kansas. Attached hereto is a revised schedule for the Retreat. The guest speaker will be Monk Elia (Khalifeh) of the Archdiocese of Mount Lebanon, founder and director of the prestigious "Antioch Centre" in Oxford, England. You can check out the Centre's web site at

Please take a moment today to ask your parish's treasurer to send in your registration fee of $400 to reserve your room and meals for the Retreat. (1.) Make check payable to "DOWAMA Clergy Brotherhood," (2.) clearly earmark it with your name and the notation "Clergy Retreat," and (3.) mail it to our Clergy Brotherhood Treasurer so that it arrives to him before January 27th:
St. Elijah Orthodox Christian Church
15000 North May
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Download retreat information and schedule (PDF)

Ordination of Hierodeacon Benedict

Monk Benedict was ordained to the Holy Deaconate on January 1, 2012 at St. George Cathedral in Wichita, Kansas.

The Tradition of the Vasilopita (with Recipe)

From the DOWAMA St. Raphael Clergy Brotherhood:

The tradition of baking and cutting a special "pita" (which can mean a loaf of bread, a cake, or even a pie) each year on January 1st is observed in honor of our holy father Basil the Great, archbishop of Caesarea in Cappodocia-- hence its name "Vasilopita" meaning "St. Basil's Bread." This tradition is observed in both parish churches and in the homes of the faithful. What is the meaning of this tradition and how did it begin?

For centuries upon centuries, parents, grandparents and godparents have related the following to Orthodox children about St. Basil and the Vasilopita. One year, during a time of terrible famine, the emperor levied a sinfully excessive tax upon the people of Caesarea. The tax was such a heavy burden upon the already impoverished people that to avoid debtors' prison each family had to relinquish its few remaining coins and pieces of jewelry, including precious family heirlooms. Learning of this injustice upon his flock, St. Basil the Great, the archbishop of Caesarea, took up his bishop's staff and the book of the holy Gospels and came to his people's defense by fearlessly calling the emperor to repentance. By God's grace, the emperor did repent! He canceled the tax and instructed his tax collectors to turn over to St. Basil all of the chests containing the coins and jewelry which had been paid as taxes by the people of Caesarea. But now St. Basil was faced with the daunting and impossible task of returning these thousands of coins and pieces of jewelry to their rightful owners. After praying for a long time before the icons of our Master Christ and His All-Holy Mother, St. Basil had all the treasures baked into one huge pita. He then called all the townspeople to prayer at the cathedral, and, after Divine Liturgy, he blessed and cut the pita, giving a piece to each person. Miraculously, each owner received in his piece of Vasilopita his own valuables. They all joyfully returned home, giving thanks to God who had delivered them from abject poverty and to their good and holy bishop St. Basil the Great! In remembrance of that miracle wrought by God as a result of St. Basil's love and defense of his people, Orthodox Christians have observed the tradition of the Vasilopita each year on January 1st-- the date on which St. Basil reposed in the Lord in the year 379.

St. Romanos Choral Presents Holiday Concert at St. Joseph

Recently, the St. Romanos Chorale gave a concert at St. Joseph Orthodox Church in Houston, Texas. Titled "God With Us," the concert was recorded and is now featured on AFR as a Christmas special.

The St. Romanos Chorale takes its name from the Syrian religious poet and hymnographer of the Orthodox Church, St. Romanos, who is considered to be the greatest of the Byzantine melodist-poets. The Chorale is composed of singers from Orthodox Christian churches in the greater Houston area, including many Antiochian Christians. The music is sung a capella in both Byzantine and Slavonic styles, predominantly in English, but also in Greek, Arabic, and Slavonic. The Chorale has presented beautiful Orthodox Christian music to audiences throughout Texas and neighboring states at venues including major colleges and universities.

The pan-Orthodox chorale is directed by Dr. William Attra, who directed the choir of St. George in Houston for many years. 

St. Eleftherios Day in Bosra-Hauran

His Eminence Metropolitan Saba of Bosra-Hauran writes:

Dearest Sayyidna Basil: Blessed and happy feast day to your Diocese! Attached are some photos of our St Eleftherios Day Divine Liturgy served in the St. Timon Chapel at my chancery in Al-Sweda. Your brother, +Metropolitan Saba

A Letter of Thanks from Bosra-Hauran

His Eminence Metropolitan SabaHis Eminence Metropolitan SabaHis Grace Bishop Basil passes along this note from Metropolitan Saba of DOWAMA's sister-archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran:

Dearest and beloved brother in Christ, Bishop Basil: Thank you very much for your kind greeting on my Name's Day. Be assured that you, your clergy and all in your Diocese are in my prayers always. I want to thank you and all in the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America for the very generous donation of US$30,000.00 which, I know, was collected for us by much sacrifice and love. I received it last Tuesday before I left for Geneva to attend a consultation about what is transpiring in my country. How we need your prayers! I return to the Middle East tomorrow to take part in the consecrations of the new bishops for your Archdiocese, then I shall go back to my Diocese. Please ask your clergy to pray for us, our Church and our country.

In Christ,
Metropolitan Saba

Thanks from Holy Annunciation Chapel in Taos, NM

A note from Claire Brandenburg of DOWAMA's newest congregation, Holy Annunciation Chapel in Taos, New Mexico (served from Holy Trinity/Santa Fe):

Dear Bishop Basil and our brothers and sisters of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America:

We thank you so much for DOWAMA's monthly mission grant to Holy Annunciation Chapel here in Taos. We were pleased at our Saturday Divine Liturgy that Fr. John Bethancourt made two new catechumens. We are now blessed with a family of four that are our first disciples in Christ here in Taos. Your donation is greatly encouraging. By God's grace and mercy we will continue to grow in His Name. Thank you - thank you!

In Christ Jesus,
Claire Brandenburg and all at Holy Annunciation in Taos

2012 Nativity Greetings from Bishop Basil

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

To the Christ-loving Priests, Deacons, Monastics and Lay Folk of this God-protected Diocese:

I embrace and greet you with a holy kiss and the joyous festal proclamation:

Christ is born – ألمسيح ولد
Χριστὸς Γεννᾶται – Христос рождается
Hristos se rodi – Hristos se naşte

May God the All-holy Trinity grant you and your households the happiest of Feasts and a New Year filled with His abundant and rich blessings.

With assurance of my continued love, prayers and blessings, I remain

In Christ the Incarnate Word of God,

+Bishop Basil

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servants

By Father Deacon Ezra Ham

“The last one out of Oklahoma, Turn out the lights.” That’s what the T-shirt said. It was 1982. The collapse of the Penn Square Bank in Oklahoma City had set in motion a domino effect. What the whole country would experience with the collapse of the housing loan market in 2009, Oklahoma faced in 1982. Banks failed. Businesses and stores closed. Many lost their jobs.

Times were tough in Oklahoma. Times were tough at St. Elijah Orthodox Church in Oklahoma City. Church attendance had dwindled and along with it—the offering. Discouraged and disheartened—it was easy to complain and be divided.

It was 1982 when Fr. Constantine Nasr arrived with his wife, Sharon, and their young sons, Constantine and Philip. Fresh from their successful years at St. George in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, they found themselves in a raw, young state three months short of its 75th birthday. It was a state hardened by the frontier and toughened by tornadoes, the Dust Bowl years, and the changing price of oil and cattle.

Upcoming Ordination

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

AXIOS! Deacon Philip Begley, son of Fr. Thomas and Kh. Beth Begley, formerly of St. Thomas Church in Sioux City, IA and now of St. George Church in West St. Paul, MN, will be ordained to the holy priesthood by the soon-to-be-consecrated Bishop John of the Diocese of Worcester and New England on January 8th, 2012. Deacon Philip is a senior at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA.

Bible Lecture Series with Fr. Paul Tarazi + October 28, 29

The First Annual Bible Lecture Series, featuring Fr. Paul Tarazi (, will be hosted at by Fr. Aaron Warwick ( and the congregation of St. Mary Orthodox Church in Wichita, Kansas, Friday and Saturday, October 28th and 29th.

Fr. Paul is a renowned author and speaker, and is Professor of Old Testament at St. Vladimir's Seminary in Crestwood, New York.

The topic will be The Epistle of the Holy Apostle Paul to the Ephesians. For details view the lecture series flyer or contact the office at St. Mary Church ( The flyer explains, "The epistle functions as a farewell speech similar to the one he gave to the elders at the Ephesus Church before heading towards his death. As both a final testament and universal letter to all the Pauline Churches, Ephesians is rich in content and addresses all major issues related to Paul's mission to the Gentiles."

Upcoming DOWAMA Ordinations, Elevations and Consecration

His grace Bishop Basil writes:

AXIOS! On Sunday, October 2nd, 2011, Fr. Elias Issa of St. Basil the Great Church in Kansas City, Kansas will be elevated to the dignity of archpriest.

WORTHY! Subdeacon Mark Telschow of Holy Cross Church in Midland-Odessa, Texas will be ordained to the holy diaconate at St. George Church in Houston, Texas on Sunday, October 30th. Fr. Joseph Huneycutt of St. Joseph Church in Houston, Texas will be elevated to the dignity of Archpriest at St. Joseph Church on November 3rd. Subdeacon David Cook of St. Paul Church in Houston, Texas  will be ordained to the holy diaconate at St. Joseph Church on November 3rd. Deacon Michael Fulton of St. Joseph Church in Houston, Texas and a senior at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Theological School in Brookline, Massachusetts will be ordained to the holy priesthood at St. Joseph Church on November 3rd.

MABROUK! St. Anthony Church in Spring, Texas, where Fr. Anthony Baba is proistamenos, will be consecrated on the weekend of November 5th and 6th.

Letter of Thanks from Hunger Relief International

His Grace Bishop Basil recently recieved this letter of thanks from Hunger Relief International, the recipient of DOWAMA's 2011 charitable contribution as recommended by Fr. Seraphim Gisetti of St. John Chrysostom Church in Golden, Colorado and decided upon during the General Assembly at this summer's Parish Life Conference in Shreveport, Louisiana:

Dear Bishop Basil:

Our thanks to Bishop Basil and all the faithful of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America (DOWAMA) for the generous gift of $500.00 donated to Hunger Relief International. These funds will be utilized to provide food staples to the school-based feeding program run by the Orthodox Church in Port au Prince, Haiti. We will be providing rice, beans, pasta and oil to the school in early September, right before classes begin.

We appreciate your compassion and generosity in helping us to assist children living in extreme poverty in Haiti.


Rachel Zelon
Executive Director
Hunger Relief International, Inc.

Child Abuse Prevention Seminar + St. Basil Church, Kansas City, KS

October 15, 2012, 2:00 pm– 4:00 pm
St. Basil the Great Orthodox Church
9302 Riverview, Kansas City, KS 66112
Phone: 913-663-2200
E-mail your attendance numbers to:
Download Flyer (PDF)

St. Basil Antiochian Orthodox Church is offering a 2-hour workshop for Sunday School Teachers, Parish Councils, Priests, day care providers in your Parishes, or anyone interested in learning more about child abuse and how to best deal with it in your congregation or work.

The award-winning video Hear Their Cries: A Religious Response to Child Abuse & Neglect on the role of clergy and lay leaders in ending child abuse is a critical resource for all congregations. Produced by the FaithTrust Institute.

This movie will be the basis of a Mandated Reporter Training offered to all Orthodox Church Priests, Sunday School Teachers, and any day care providers in their congregations by Kh. Jeanetta Issa at St. Basil’s.

For more information, please download the event flyer (PDF).