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Listing of Presenters for Orthodox Institute 2012

Presenters for the Orthodox Institute 2012:

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Peter Bouteneff

Dr. Bouteneff is the podcaster for “Sweeter Than Honey,” on Ancient Faith Radio. As an Assistant Professor at St. Vladimir’s Theological Seminary his courses are in the areas of dogmatic theology, patristics, and spirituality. He has authored numerous papers and is in demand as a speaker. His interests include Christology, ecclesiology, anthropology, music and cinema.

The Friday keynote speech session will be a panel discussion and question/answer session with any presenters who are interested in participating.

Contemporary Culture And Religion
Dr. Peter Bouteneff
(see above).

Issues involving Sexuality
Fr. David Subu

Fr. David serves St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Falls Church, Virginia, and co-authored the OCA teen publication, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

Spirituality and Social Media
Mr. Niko Tzetzis

Mr. Tzetzis is a seminarian at Holy Cross, and a professional photographer: He works with high school students as part of the “Crossroads Project.”

Engaging Youth in Discussion
Fr. Paul Girguis and Kh. Janet Shadid, M.S.W.

Fr. Paul Girguis serves St. Mark’s Coptic Church in Northern Virginia and is an experienced youth worker. Kh. Janet Shadid is an adolescent therapist, youth worker, and church school teacher for the teens.

“God? Whatever.” Our Youth and Our Church
Mrs. Carole Buleza, M.A.

Mrs. Buleza is the Director of the Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education, and the author/project manager for the OCEC high school text, The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Her M.A. degree is in Religion, with a speciality in Catechetics. She teaches high school at her parish.

Youth Ministry Programs/Substance-Abuse
Fr. Joseph Purpura, D. Min.

Fr. Purpura is the Director of the Antiochian Orthodox Department of Youth Ministry. Under his direction, the Orthodox Christian Coalition for Healthy Youth (OCCHY) was awarded a five-year government grant to fund the Cicero/Greater Chicago Coalition.

Youth Sexuality Programs
Mrs. Irene Cassis, Ms. Julia Shaheen

Mrs. Irene Cassis is the Director of Religious Education for the Metropolis of Denver and for the last 12 years has presented the successful pan-Orthodox program, “Sex. God. Me. in the Houston area. Ms. Julia Shaheen is the author of the program “Sex, Teens and Religion,” and is a library specialist in Youth Services in Canton, Ohio.

Orthodox Parenting Today
Dr. Philip Mamalakis

Dr. Mamalakis teaches pastoral care at Holy Cross, and is Director of the Field Education program. His professional interests are in Orthodox pastoral theology and marriage, family, and parenting. His interests also include the interface of contemporary mental health theory, research and practice, and Orthodox theology. He was featured on the May 20, 2012 AFR Podcast, “Ancient Faith Today.”

The Child’s Moral Imagination
Dr. Vigen Guroian

Dr. Guroian is Professor of Religious Studies in Orthodox Christianity at the University of Virginia, and a leading voice in contemporary Christian discourse about morality and ethics. He is the author of numerous articles and nine books including the noted Tending the Heart of Virtue: How Classical Stories Awaken a Child’s Moral Imagination and Rallying the Really Human Things: Moral Imagination in Politics, Literature, and Everyday Life.

Homosexuality and Transgender Issues
Dr. Philip Mamalakis
(see above)

Spiritual But Not Religious
Fr. Daniel Rogich, Ph.D.

Fr. Daniel is Serbian priest of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of the Midwest, serving Holy Trinity Church in Canton, Ohio. He is the author of Becoming Uncreated, The Journey to Human Authenticity, and was featured in the June 3, 2012 podcast of “Ancient Faith Today.”

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