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Biography of Martha Condra

Martha Condra has enjoyed a variety of jobs in the culinary industry for over 20 years. At home in the kitchen, the studio, and on location, Martha’s food styling and recipe development have been featured in such national magazines as Cooking Light, and Health.

Her interest in food and cooking initially led her to the Opryland Hotel Culinary Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. After completing the rigorous 3-year culinary apprenticeship program, she left as a classically trained cook with an applied science degree in culinary arts and certification from the American Culinary Federation. Martha spent several years as a test kitchens professional at Cooking Light and later as a contributor where she honed her skills in recipe development and food styling. After starting Brown Cow Communications in 2001, she, Oxmoor House Publishing, Hoffman Media, and others to her client list. In addition to her freelance work, Martha is currently the host of the Wheat, Wine and Oil podcast on the Internet station Ancient Faith Radio ( She and her family are members of St. Symeon the New Theologian Orthodox Church in Birmingham, Alabama.