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Interview with Dr. Harry Boosalis

Dr. Harry BoosalisDr. Harry BoosalisRecently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Harry Boosalis who will be offering some of the core courses at the 2014 Orthodox Institute this fall. The topic for the weekend is Theosis: Your Life with God.

During our interview, I asked Dr. Boosalis about the significance of theosis for Orthodox theology and spiritual life. His answer was that all of us are called to be holy, emphasizing that monasticism has no monopoly on sanctity or holiness.

Through our life in the Church, we too can progress in our own personal journey toward participation in divine life. We must personally experience Christ within our own hearts. This is a fundamental principle of Orthodox theology and spirituality.

In addition to teaching Dogmatic Theology at St. Tikhon's Seminary, Dr. Boosalis also annually leads a group of his students to Mount Athos. I asked him why he felt this was so important. He answered that by being in such a holy place, and seeing and personally experiencing our Holy Tradition in this unique way, it creates a much more intimate and gratifying connection to the life of our Faith.

And while we can't all go to the Holy Mountain, we can all share in the same experience of the life of the Church - which is the life in Christ - through our own ascetic, liturgical and sacramental participation in the life of our local parish.

Admittedly, the path toward holiness is not easy. In his classes he stresses that Orthodox theology and spiritual life cannot be learned simply by reading books. The truth is, we must feel our Orthodox Faith within our own hearts.

We can read all the theological books in the world, excel in examinations and receive as many academic diplomas as we want. But until we attain to the life in Christ within our own daily lives, we will never truly 'know God', nor come to personally participate in His divine life and love.

We ask that you prayerfully consider joining us this year at the Antiochian Village October 30th–November 2nd.

Sandra Anderson