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Antiochian Village Bookstore Offers St. Raphael's Theological Thesis in English

The theological thesis of St. Raphael of Brooklyn is available for the first time in English. Translated from the Greek by Fr. Patrick Viscuso, The True Significance of Sacred Tradition and Its Great Worth was written by the beloved saint when he was a student at the Theological School of the Ecumenical Patriarchate at Halki. In the thesis, St. Raphael presents an Orthodox response to Roman Catholic and Protestant proselytization efforts aimed at converting Orthodox Christians.

As Fr. Patrick explains in his introduction, complex historical and theological forces were at work in St. Raphael's world. Beginning in the sixteenth century, the Roman Catholic Church—supported by Western powers—began to proselytize the Orthodox Christians of the Ottoman Empire. By the late nineteenth century, Protestant missionaries from the United States also joined in this effort. Saint Raphael's thesis and his refutation of Catholic and Protestant positions present an interesting and active dialogue with Western Christianity.

Canonized in the year 2000, St. Raphael was the first Orthodox bishop consecrated in the Western hemisphere. As his spiritual children in the Antiochian Archdiocese, we know that St. Raphael faithfully established many parishes by God's grace and through his tireless travel. However, the saint also had to deal with the plight of his flock in North America, who were being drawn away from the Orthodox Church. His response as a shepherd was to call for Christian education in our parishes using English, the language that our children were learning in their new land.

Father Patrick Viscuso is a professor of Canon Law, an Orthodox canonist, and priest of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. His translation is based on his transcription of the handwritten Greek text. He provides this transcription, along with translations of the 1874 Regulations of the Theological School and a contemporary account of life at the school. This important volume will appeal to historians of the Ottoman Empire and Christianity, and general readers interested in St. Raphael's theological writings and the Christian dialogue and presence of Catholic and Protestant missionaries in the Middle East.

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