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April 1, 2015 + The Love a Husband and Wife Owe Each Other

by St. Paisios the Athonite

Each loves the other for what he offers [to that person]. The wife gives her husband confidence, dedication and obedience. The husband gives his wife assurance that he can protect her. The wife is the ruler of the house, but also the chief maid. The husband is the governor of the house, but also the servant. The husband and wife must share a purifying love, in order to have mutual consolation and to be able to perform their spiritual responsibilities. In order to live in harmony, they need to establish love as the foundation of their lives together – precious love – which is found in spiritual nobility, in sacrifice and not in falsity, worldiness and carnality. If there is love and sacrifice, everything that effects one also effects the other, and can be understood and suffered. And when we sees that his beloved suffers some heartache, he takes them to Christ, who fills them with inexpressible joy ...

from Works: Vol. 4: Family Life, Sourti, Thessaloniki, 2002. p. 38


Venerable Mary of Egypt

Troparion, Tone 8

The image of God was truly preserved in you, O mother, for you took up the Cross and followed Christ. By so doing, you taught us to disregard the flesh, for it passes away; but to care instead for the soul, since it is immortal. Therefore your spirit, O holy Mother Mary, rejoices with the Angels.

Kontakion, Tone 3

Having been a sinful woman, you became through repentance a Bride of Christ. Having attained angelic life, you defeated demons with the weapon of the Cross. Therefore, O most glorious Mary you are a Bride of the Kingdom!