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Archdiocese Bookstore Transferred to Antiochian Village

The Antiochian Village Bookstore will now be carrying all of the titles usually stocked at the Archdiocese!

You can now order your books online at:

For questions contact:

Sub-Deacon Todd J. Mokhiber, Bookstore Manager
140 Church Camp Trail
Phone: 724-238-3677 x406
Bolivar, PA 15923
Fax: 724-238-2102

  1. Payment must accompany all orders (credit cards accepted)
  2. Make your check/money order payable to Antiochian Village in US funds
  3. Shipping Charges will be based on the weight/size of your order
  4. The Archdiocese will no longer be shipping product

We accept all major credit cards!

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