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Featured Author of the Antiochian Archdiocese: Fr. Constantine Nasr

Fr. Constantine Nasr has served more than twenty-five years as the pastor of St. Elijah Church in Oklahoma City, OK. A graduate of St. Vladimir's Seminary, Fr. Constantine is a pioneer in American Orthodoxy in terms of Missions and Evangelism. During the past twenty-five years, because of his efforts and the efforts of those he recruited to assist him, St. Elijah has had the joy of welcoming hundreds of people who have embraced the Holy Orthodox Faith.  By God's grace, Fr. Constantine has helped establish numerous missions in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Colorado, and has helped train many men who have become priests, deacons, sub-deacons and readers.

Fr. Constantine has published five books to assist his brothers the clergy: The Bible in the Liturgy; Journey through the Divine Liturgy; Resource Book for Mission and Evangelism; Memory Eternal: Selected Eulogies; and A Practical Guide for Priests & Pastors. He has just completed the first draft of his life-long project, Antony Bashir: Founding Father of the American Orthodox Church, and he hopes to write a book on marriage. He has lectured at our Orthodox seminaries and parishes in the United States and Canada, and he broadcasts the Spread the Word podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

Standing beside him, helping him to carry the weight of the ministry, have been his wife Sharon, his children Constantine and wife Mandy, and Philip who have borne the weight of the ministry with him.


Conciliar Releases Marriage Book by Fr. Constantine Nasr

An important new resource has just been produced for Orthodox couples. In Mastering the Art of Marriage: Staying Together When the World Pulls You Apart, Antiochian priest Fr. Constantine Nasr (St. Elijah, Oklahoma City) writes about the love, commitment and hard work involved in making marriages last. "As a pastor for the last 38 years," he notes, "I have had many young couples discuss their plans for marriage with me. I have seen their joy, their excitement and their eagerness to enter into marriage. During the same 38 years I have had many married couples come to me with their marriages in trouble. These same young couples that had been filled with happiness were now filled with anger, distrust and pain. It is staggering to hear that two out of three marriages will end in divorce. It is not the statistic that staggers me. It is the massive pain of divorce that staggers me."

Fr. Constantine continues, "The old signs that guided couples are gone. Today young couples head off in any number of directions hoping it will lead to happiness. Sadly, those roads most often lead to divorce."

Bishop Michael Dahulich of the Orthodox Church in America calls the book "...a resource masterpiece (which) combines the wisdom of the Scripture and the Holy Fathers throughout the centuries and the guidance of modern scholarship and marriage counseling from our own time."

Read the book's first chapter here.