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What's NAB?

What’s the NAB?

 That stands for North American Board and refers to the governing board of the Antiochian Women at the national level. 

The NAB is directly under the covering and direction of the Antiochian Archdiocese.  The NAB functions to provide consistency of information, programs, etc. throughout the whole archdiocese by mailing out information to the seven regional boards.  The regional boards seek to help individual parishes establish women's groups at the local level and pass along mailings of materials from the NAB and participate in the annual group “Project”.  We are in the Eastern Region, which consists of 37 parishes or missions in
New Jersey, and parts of
Connecticut and
New York.

Structure: The following table will help you see the structure of the Antiochian Women and also what kinds of mailings to expect from NAB and your Eastern Region Board of Antiochian Women.  There is no specific schedule and mailings from Coordinators can be infrequent.     

                                                            Antiochian Archdiocese

North American Board (NAB) of AW

Pres, VP,  Secy, Treas.  (elected at Arch. Convention- 2 yr terms)

NAB Coordinators: (appointed)

Humanitarian, Religious, Project, Membership/Public Relations,

Eastern Region (1 of 7 regions)

Pres., VP., Secy, Treas. (elected at Parish Life Conf. For 2 yr terms)

6 Eastern Region Coordinators (appointed/volunteers)

Humanitarian, Religious, Project, Membership/Public Relations, Eeman Newsletter, Website

Parish Level Chapter

Officers (as need or group constitution determines)

Individual members

Humanitarian- ideas to promote acts of Christian love and charity in your community

Religious- devotional material to use at meetings, reprint in bulletins, or use as discussion topics

Project- Each parish is asked to participate in the annual “Project” challenged to us by Met. Philip.  Watch the “Project” mailings to see long list of past projects from outfitting the
Village to helping fund health and education facilities here and around the world.  The most current “Orphanage Project--establishing an Endowment Fund while also giving annually to a number of  needy Orthodox Orphanages. 

Membership/Public Relations- ideas for keeping your members and others aware of activities

Eeman Newsletter- 1 page bulletin size newsletter of inspirational items, & upcoming events

Website- includes contents and all publishable information about Eastern Region