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Bishop John Visits Holy Trinity in Lynchburg, VA

Bishop John with Holy Trinity clergyBishop John with Holy Trinity clergyHis Grace Bishop John visited Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Lynchburg, Virginia on the weekend of December 11–13, 2015. He first visited Fr. Alban Waggener's secular employment, Givens Books and Little Dickens, where Fr. Alban manages the used book department during the week. Holiday retail was in full swing. Father Alban then took His Grace for a look at the facility that Holy Trinity is currently leasing, the former Tabor Retreat Center. Bishop John had supper with Fr. Alban and Kh. Helen on Friday evening and an early retirement, in preparation for a full weekend.

On Saturday, His Grace and Fr. Alban had lunch at a local Jordanian restaurant and then walked the property and brainstormed about future possibilities. Bishop John was formally received at Vespers, and then dinner followed at the Waggeners for His Grace and some of the parish leadership. He then spent time with a group of college students at one of their homes.

On Sunday Bishop John presided at Matins and at Liturgy after tonsuring our seven Readers. Newly-retired Fr. Olof Scott and Kh. Eva were also visiting, spending the weekend with their daughter and Holy Trinity parishioner. After coffee and a light meal, His Grace spoke on many themes at an "Ask the Bishop" session, tying together our life in the Body of Christ, His nurturing of His children, and our mission to the world. It was a most rapturous discussion! He then graciously treated the Waggeners to dinner before his departure from the airport.

The entire weekend was a most full and blessed time, spent with our beloved overseer for the Western Orthodox parishes in the Archdiocese.

With college studentsWith college students

"Ask the Bishop" session"Ask the Bishop" sessionFr. Alban and Fr. OlafFr. Alban and Fr. Olaf