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Bishop Thomas Lists Youth and Education Resources

His Grace Bishop Thomas has reminded the faithful of several important resources for youth.

1. 2015 Orthodox Christian Camp and Youth Worker Conference 
The theme is "Walking Alongside Our Youth" and the keynote addresses will be delivered by Fr. Bogdan Bucur and Dr. Stefanie Yazge. More details will follow. We will also be posting this information to the Orthodox Christian Camping Association.

2. In addition, there will be a College Retreat the weekend of Orthodoxy Sunday, February 27—March 1, 2015. The topic is "Standing at the Foot of the Cross and the speakers are Fr. Anthony Yazge, Marek Simon, & Chris Shadid. Please register online at

3. The proposed Institute for Orthodox Thought and Culture at Eastern University:  A fully accredited undergraduate education with a broad range of majors and also including a minor in Orthodox Thought and Culture in its Arabic, Greek and Slavic iterations. Also included will be liturgical and community life. Be sure to fill out the survey and encourage others to do so:
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4. Studying at the Balamand University:  The dean of the Balamand has asked me to inform you about the educational opportunities that exist at the Balamand Seminary. This is a multi-purpose institution. Here are some links that you and your high school and college students might want to take a look at. I was very impressed when I visited the university. In addition to theology, there are a number of areas that can be studied the Balamand. The links that are provided here will familiarize you with everything the university has to offer. I'm hoping that Fr Theodoros Daoud and Nicole Daya will be able to organize an exploratory trip for people who are interested in studying in the Balamand.

Please feel free to distribute this information, and for those who are here in the U.S., please contact Fr. Theodoros ( in regard to a possible exploratory trip in the future.