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Bishop Thomas Visits St. Philip in Souderton, PA

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Being Orthodox means having a rich liturgical, spiritual, ministry life. It also means being part of the One, Holy Catholic, and Apostolic Church. When our bishops visit, they remind us that our parish is part of the Church that Christ's established and gave into His apostles' hands for safe-keeping and spreading. St. Philip Orthodox Church in Souderton, PA recently had the great blessing of our bishop's visit to mark some very important occasions in our the life of our parish and to encourage us along in our life in Christ.

First, he presided over our patronal feastday for the Holy Apostle Philip. In his stirring sermon he reminded us to "be like the bee, rather than the fly" in our relationships.

Secondly, he presided over the delegates meeting that we hosted. Our parish's teens and women's groups worked very hard to host the 107 delegates. Glory to God for the beautiful services, fruitful meetings, and tasty fasting foods that strengthened us for God's work!

Thirdly, It was a blessing for our entire community to have our priest, Fr. Noah Bushelli, elevated to become an archpriest. He is especially humbled and honored to receive from Fr. Boniface Black a jeweled cross, and he hopes to live up to his great pastoral and missionary example.

With these blessings in our hearts, we are redoubling our efforts in prayer and worship, stewardship and alms giving, ministry and evangelism, to take our turn in the apostolic work of Christ's Church!