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Orthodox Church in America's Department of Christian Education

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Resources include:

  • Complete (FOCUS) Units. There are five units: Monasticism, Journey to Pascha, The Nativity Season, My Orthodox Family, and The Theotokos. The units consist of of 5-8 lessons written at five levels, preschool-adult.
  • Mini Units. There are 15 multi-leveled units of 1-2 lessons, including Mission, Repentance, and Champions of Faith.
  • Teacher Resources. In this category there are 182 articles, handouts, music, bible stories, tools, and activities.


The Department of Christian Education coordinates the Art, Poetry, Creative Writing and Photography festivals.

The Question (Betty Randolph)

Much of the Southeast suffered an ice storm this past December. The southeast does not ‘do’ ice or snow very well. We spent four days without power. The evening of the third day (Saturday) we went to stay with parishioners who had had their power restored. As we sat around the dining table. Ali (a bright eleven year old) asked the question.

A Small Child's Cry (Joseph Tershay)

Orthodox parents are given by God the responsibility of raising their children as 0rthodox Christians.  This task to be sure, is a difficult one.  Parents must make a commitment not only to become active in the Church but also make one to the religious education of their children.

Different Languages . . . Same Classroom (Anna Timko Hughes)

A number of years ago, I received an interesting call from a concerned parishioner.  The previous week’s bulletin had run an announcement that Church School registration would begin soon, and that parents or grandparents of all children ages four and up should register their children.

Tithing Program 2009-2010

The tithing theme for 2009-2010 is To Tithe Is To Show That We Care for the Church. On this web page you will find a set of parish posters, Teacher Notes, Student Booklets, and other materials.

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