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Chadi Karam

Triodion, Orthros, Troparia after Psalm 50

Triodion, Orthros, Tone 8/Plagal Fourth Mode & Tone 6/Plagal Second Mode, Troparia after Psalm 50.

Give Me This Stranger

This hymn is sung on Great and Holy Friday night (Orthros of Holy Saturday), after the procession with the bier, as people are coming back into church, or at the end of the service. It is in both Western and Byzantine notation.

Music Rebuild Tags: 
When he saw that the sun had hidden its rays; Matins for Holy Saturday; Holy Friday Lamentations Service; Lamentations Processional

The Great Moses

Sheet Music: 

Sung on Holy Friday night as the Glory of the Praises for Orthros of Holy Saturday, in the traditional melody of "Inna Mousa."

Music Rebuild Tags: 
The Great Moses foreshadowed this day; Matins; Matins for Holy Saturday; Doxastikon of the Praises for Holy Saturday Matins
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