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Department of Christian Education Survey 2010

Dear Pastors and Church School Directors,

Ten years ago we surveyed our Church Schools to learn their needs, and the numbers of students and teachers we serve. Once again we are asking for a few minutes of your time so that we may determine the usefulness of the programs we offer, your needs, and the numbers we serve. We need only one survey per parish, preferably completed by the Church School Director, but in his or her absence, by the parish priest.

Please make sure you complete each field and that you receive confirmation that your survey has been received after clicking "Submit".

The survey results will be made known through our website, and also in our newsletters in The Word. I would like to call your attention to our newest endeavor, namely, a listserv, so that we can offer news updates via email. Thank you, as always, for your efforts in the Orthodox Christian Education of our children.

If you have trouble completing the survey online, here are two other formats, PDF and Word. Mail completed surveys to: Dept. of Christian Education, 105 Leader Heights Road, Suite 130, York, PA 17403.

Your servant in Christ,
Carole A. Buleza, Director


Your Information
Internet Resources
Have you visited the “especially for church school directors” page?
Have you used the “especially for small church schools” page?
Have you directed your teachers to the “especially for teachers” page?
Do you use Facebook?
Are you aware of the Orthodox Facebook pages for Church School Directors, Teachers, Parents, Homeschoolers, and for the Department itself?
Are you aware of the Discussions found by accessing the discussion tabs?
Are you aware of the Links box?
Students per class

Please list the number of students in each class, NOT GRADE. If you hold combined classes, please note which are combined and the number of students in that class.

Are you aware of the Antiochian/OCEC training events offered for church school directors (CSDs) and teachers (Orthodox Institutes, “Educating Ourselves and Our Children in Godliness”)?
Are you aware of the Church School Director Manual?
Have you received Church School Director Training?
Departmental Programs
Tithing (“To Tithe is to Share, To Tithe is to Care”)
Do your church school children know what the word "tithe" means?
Have you used any of the tithing programs in the past?
Did you use the tithing envelopes provided with the 2009 program?
Will your parish provide envelopes for the children to use?
Creative Festivals
Have you used any of the Creative Festival lesson plans in the past?
Have you used the posters?
Have you used the song?
Is the webpage useful?