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Conciliar Press is Now Ancient Faith Publishing

Chesterton, IN (July 24, 2013) — Conciliar Press announces a name change to Ancient Faith Publishing, in an effort to foster continued growth and forward momentum. This name change will not affect the operations or customer relationships in any way; it is simply a change in identity to better reflect our mission.

Conciliar Press was founded over 30 years ago as a ministry of the Evangelical Orthodox Church. When the EOC was received into the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church by Metropolitan Philip Saliba, Conciliar Press became a department of the Antiochian Archdiocese. It continued and gradually expanded its work of publishing and providing a variety of quality Orthodox resources.

In 2008, Conciliar Press merged with Ancient Faith Radio and Conciliar Media Ministries was founded. Since that time, the synergy between the two arms of the ministry has produced phenomenal growth, and both have become established and valued ministries to Orthodox Christians of all jurisdictions—as well as other traditional Christians, inquirers, and catechumens—around the world.

In order to continue to consolidate not only the work of our ministries, but our brand and image we are changing the name. In July 2013, Conciliar Press will officially become Ancient Faith Publishing, and the overall ministry will become Ancient Faith Ministries. The internet radio station will continue to be known as Ancient Faith Radio.

We have a number of reasons for making this change:

• We need to consolidate our resources around one brand, making it easier to promote two brands simultaneously.

• Ancient Faith Radio has a much broader reach than Conciliar Press. It has become almost a household name among Orthodox Christians across the country and around the world.

• The general public (and even occasionally the staff!) has always found the name "Conciliar" to be difficult to pronounce, spell, and understand or explain. In the beginning, it was meant to refer to the conciliar nature of Orthodox Church government, but its usefulness has passed. The name "Ancient Faith" is much more indicative of who and what we are.

• We want to simplify our business model, eliminate confusion as to the association between CP and AFR, and allow for future expansion into other areas of ministry.

"While we respect the past and the crucial role Conciliar Press has played in our development, it is time to unite around a common identity. In a world that is already overly-complex, this is an opportunity for us to simplify our business" says John Maddex, the President and CEO of Ancient Faith Ministries. Nothing will change except the name. Same mission, same locations, same team, same products, same great customer service. Ancient Faith Radio will continue to be listener-supported, with all donations going toward AFR's own work. Ancient Faith Publishing will continue to be a nonprofit ministry supported by product sales.

Ancient Faith Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the first two titles under the new name. Ask for the Ancient Paths, Discovering What Church is Meant to Be by Father James Guirguis and Patristic Treasury, Early Church Wisdom for Today edited by James R. Payton, Jr. are now available for purchase.

Media Contact: Matthew Dorning, Marketing Director: or (816) 213-7481