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Classical Learning Resource Center Begins 4th Year of Online Classes

Anne van Fossen of the Classical Learning Resource Center writes:

We’re excited about the new academic year beginning Monday August 27th.  We’ve opened new sections of all of our introductory Latin classes and our introductory Literature and Composition classes in order to accommodate all the registered students.  We have several new Literature and Composition classes this year and have expanded our Homer classes to include a variety of additional ancient Greek Literature including Plato, Herodotus, Hippocrates, and Aesop.

Here are a few excerpts from some emails we received last year:

  • "Thank you for everything.  We love, love, love the class.  I am in awe of your patience and your lovely presence via the web." Amy M., New Hampshire
  • "Thank you for a great term.  The kids have learned so much. They have expanded their vocabulary in both English and Latin, learned how to interact in an online classroom, how to prepare for a teacher who is not their parent, and how to learn academically from someone else with confidence." Alicia V., New Zealand
  • "I've taken foreign language classes at the high school, college and graduate school level - you are the best by FAR." Mary K., Texas
  • "She is really enjoying your class and is working hard on it.  I am very glad we made the decision to enroll her this year." Jennifer C., Tennessee

We enjoy teaching at least as much as our students enjoy learning (and probably learn as much too).

Classical Greek and Latin for all ages!

CLRC offers a full program of Greek and Latin classes with Latin 4 Kids classes for elementary school and the full 4 year sequence of Latin I, II, III, IV and Greek I, II, III, IV for middle school and high school students and adults. If you haven’t taken a Greek or Latin class with the Classical Learning Resource Center yet we encourage you to begin in 2012. It’s an invaluable gift to give to your children or acquire for yourself!

Literature and Composition Classes for Middle School and High School

CLRC offers 3 literature and composition classes for students in 7th – 12th grade. Introduction to Literature and Composition is appropriate for middle school students and early level high school students. Introduction to British Literature and American Literature are both high school level classes. Students in these classes read and discuss great literature,  learn the fundamentals of structure and style for argumentative writing and practice writing descriptive paragraphs, creative essays, and poems. Students learn to read texts closely, with attention to structure, theme, and figurative language so that they are prepared to confidently approach a difficult text and both read and write about it well.

Ancient Greek Literature including Mythology, Homer, and Plato

CLRC offers 2 classes in Ancient Greek Literature. Our middle school class covers Homer’s Odyssey, Greek Mythology, and some ancient Greek history, science, and philosophy – all using primary sources. The high school class reads and discusses Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and four dialogues of Plato.

CLRC online classes are live, interactive, and available to anyone with internet access.

You’ll find detailed course descriptions, faculty bios, class schedules, and more on the Classical Learning Resource Center website here: