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Curriculum Listing

The curriculum is published by the Orthodox Christian Education Commission. It consists of:

Preschool: The Wonder of It All, and God, My Friends, and Me
Kindergarten: Together With God
Grade 1: God Loves Me
Grade 2: New Life in Jesus and Making Things Right
Grade 3: New Life in the Church
Grade 4: Our Life in the Church
Grade 5:
Grade 6: In the Beginning
Middle School: The Young Church, Heroes for Truth, and Interim Curriculum Units
High School: The Way, The Truth, and The Life and Interim Curriculum Units

Text descriptions can be found on the OCEC website,

Texts may be ordered from Archdeacon Hans at the Antiochian Archdiocese (201) 871-1355



Now Available!!!
For High School and Adult Education

Published by the Orthodox Christian Education Commission
Student text, full-color, $15.95
Teacher Manual, $21.95

Produced by the Orthodox Christian Education Commission, the first text of the new series offers firm knowledge of the Orthodox faith, and encourages spiritual maturity.

With an optional award component, lesson plans that offer cooperative learning options, and attention to multiple intelligence theory, the program surpasses any Orthodox effort to date.
The student book is written in two parts. Part I offers 24 four-page lessons with illustrations and graphics that invite participation. Part II contains four resource sections: 1) "Feast Days and Icons," 2) "Saints," 3) "Briefs," and 4) "Glossary."

The teacher manual provides lesson plans for standard or cooperative learning use, and all required worksheets and visual aids.

The teacher manual also offers paragraphs of background reading on each topic, from classic Orthodox authors, to help educate the presenters, or to supplement the lessons presented to an adult class. To order, contact the Antiochian Archdiocese Bookstore at (201)871-1355.