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Departments & Organizations

Much of the work of our Archdiocese is accomplished by dedicated ministry staff and volunteers, laboring in a wide range of departments and organizations seeing to the needs of our communities. From sacred music to Christian education, from care for aging priests to missionary work, our Archdiocese benefits from the work of those who choose to serve.

Ancient Faith Ministries

Ancient Faith Radio (AFR) streams online music and talk radio 24 hours daily, hosting a wide range of podcasts and musical traditions. Ancient Faith Publishing has produced books and pamphlets on Orthodox Christianity for over thirty years. 


Antiochian Heritage Foundation

The Foundation supports carefully structured planned giving programs that are aimed at preserving the Antiochian heritage for future generations.

Antiochian House of Studies

Headquartered at Antiochian Village, the House is a school without walls, offering distance learning programs for students who earn either certificates or graduate degrees in ministry and theology.


Antiochian Orthodox Institute

Located in LaVerne, CA, the Institute has established a Ph.D. program in collaboration with the Antiochian House of Studies. The Institute will be working in the areas of education, publishing and outreach.

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America

Antiochian Women is an organized sisterhood of women meeting in parish chapters for the purposes of fellowship and charitable outreach.


Antiochian Village

A conference and retreat center, as well as the home of a dynamic camping ministry, the Village is maintained and operated under the jurisdiction of the Antiochian Archdiocese in the scenic Laurel Highlands region of western Pennsylvania.


Encompassing eight accredited camping programs, each unique in geography and emphasis, Camping seeks to provide young people with a living experience of the Orthodox faith in the context of fellowship and fun.


College Ministry

The former Department of College Ministry is now the Department of Young Adult Ministry.

Chaplain and Pastoral Counseling Ministry

This ministry undergirds the chaplains and counselors of the Archdiocese through retreats, workshops, courses, and ongoing support


Christian Education

Through resources and networking, Christian Ed supports clergy, church school directors, teachers, and parents, in their work on the parish level. It also provides resources for the yearly Creative Arts Festivals.

Committee for Syrian Relief

The Archdiocesan Committee for Syrian Relief coordinates and assimilates all efforts across the Antiochian Archdiocese to assist the victims of violence and war in Syria.


Convent of St. Thekla

A female monastic community located in Glenville, Pennsylvania, the Convent property consists of house, barn, pond, and acres of farmland and woodland.

Conventions and Conference Planning

This team oversees all of the conventions of the Archdiocese, including regional Parish Life Conferences and the Archdiocesan Convention.


Fellowship of St. John the Divine

The Fellowship serves the young adults of the Archdiocese with retreats, conferences, and ministry opportunities like the Creative Festivals and the Food for Hungry People program.

Food for Hungry People Program

For over 40 years, this program has concentrated on a single goal: to feed the hungry, according to our Lord's command. The Food for Hungry People program encourages participation in prayer, fasting and almsgiving, particularly during fasting seasons. 


Inter-Orthodox and Inter-Faith Relations

The department represents the Archdiocese in ecumenical dialogue within the Orthodox context and throughout the broader Christian world.

Internet Ministry

This department meets the online communication needs of the Antiochian Archdiocese through administrative, technical, design, and editorial oversight of the website, social media, and more.



Working closely with the Department of Sacred Music to provide parishes with approved liturgical texts, this department provides an Online Liturgical Guide, and offers education and guidance as to most appropriate practice of liturgics.

Marriage and Parish Family Ministries

This ministry develops resources, offers enrichment, and encourages networks of support to foster healthy Antiochian Orthodox families and marriages.


Missions and Evangelism

This department seeks to aid our existing parishes, equipping them with resources and training for the strengthening of the Laity, Readers, Chanters, and Clergy, as well as assisting in the establishment of new mission parishes.

Order of St. Ignatius

Order members underwrite the work of the Archdiocese with clergy and lay members who make a lifetime financial commitment, pledging to work together for the good of all the supported ministries.


Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies (OCABS)

OCABS exists to develop, promote and publish research in the areas of Biblical studies, homiletics, and religious education.


This department supplies service books in Arabic and English, music books, regular book titles, Christian Education curriculum, children's books, items for home worship, catechism materials, periodicals, and audio/visual materials.


Sacred Music

By publishing music and organizing workshops, the department supports mission parishes and provides a positive influence towards the creation of new works of liturgical music. The online music library is managed by Sacred Music as well.

Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations (SOYO)

SOYO is comprised of organized teen groups  who are working together in service and for the sake of the spiritual development of all members.


Statistics and Credentials

Critical data about missions and parishes are gathered by this department, in order to determine the voting rights and standing of each community. Additionally, it manages special offering trays and supervises the vote tally at each national convention.


To help parishes manage according to best practices, Stewardship offers resources for parish council members and other parish financial managers.


St. Athanasius Academy of Theology

This Academy is an academic community offering correspondence programs for prisoners, a literature program, and audio and video resources for the faithful.

The Word Magazine

Founded in 1905, The Word is the official magazine of the Archdiocese and circulates to all Antiochian households as well as other subscribers such as libraries and seminaries. It is published monthly, with the exception of the summer months.


Western Rite Vicariate

The Vicariate is composed of over 20 churches who celebrate the divine services using Western European forms, while holding the full Orthodox faith in common with their brethren of the Eastern Rite.

Young Adult Ministry

The Department of Young Adult Ministry (formerly known as the Department of College Ministry) oversees the ministries to our young adults ages 19-35 and helps provide a consistent program as our young people transition from Teen SOYO to young adulthood.


Youth and Parish Ministries

This department seeks to integrate the whole spectrum of archdiocesan programs for youth, including Camping, SOYO, and College Ministry. It also oversees the annual Bible Bowl and Oratorical Festival.