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Diocese of Toledo Fall Meeting Hosted by St. Ignatius

From October 20–23, 2016, St. Ignatius Orthodox Church in Madison, Wisconsin hosted the Diocese of Toledo’s 2016 Fall Meeting. 

Sayedna Anthony opened the weekend with a two-day clergy retreat, where he offered a beautiful and well-researched history and meaning of the Sacrament of Confession.  Sayedna taught through the early church era, when the practice of confession was less formalized but Christians sought out for counsel and guidance those holy men and women who had suffered for the faith as confessors.  Later on, the Church developed a distinction between “spiritual fatherhood” (holy monastic elders) and the ordained priesthood.  Sayedna based much of his teaching on St. Cyprian’s Treatise to the Lapsed, and especially urged the gathered clergy to keep in mind that the sacramental grace of God comes first and foremost through the ordained priesthood: “You are essential for the Second Coming… We are the agents preparing for the Advent of Christ!”  He continued to advise the clergy of the Diocese on specific and practical issues that arise in ministry. 

On Saturday, October 22, other diocesan organizations met for productive meetings and discussions, group outings, and outreach events in the local community. 

His Grace finished off the full and edifying weekend with a Sunday Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at St. Ignatius Antiochian Orthodox Church. Father Basil Koory, pastor of St. Ignatius Church, was blessed to receive the pectoral cross of the Archpriesthood from Bishop Anthony. 

On behalf of the entire Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest, we offer our thanks to Fr. Basil and the people of St. Ignatius Church for their hospitality and hard work! 

See St. Ignatius Church’s Facebook page for more pictures of the weekend

Diocese of Toledo clergy with Bishop AnthonyDiocese of Toledo clergy with Bishop AnthonyYoung Adult Ministry exploring downtown MadisonYoung Adult Ministry exploring downtown Madison