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Featured Reflections

Crosses We Bear

By Fr. Michael Gillis

Freedom is one of the crosses we bear. This cross is particularly painful in relation to those whom we love the most. There is no love without freedom.

Resting in the Ascension

By Douglas Cramer

Summer is almost here. It’s a good time to just take a deep breath, and relax. You know, go to the beach if you live close to it, have a barbeque, invite some friends over. I remember doing this on a grand scale as a child growing up in New Jersey. But how often do most of us do this anymore?

Discerning the One Thing Needful

By Fr. Andrew Damick

Silence… is something that our culture wants to avoid at all costs. Some of us look for it on vacation. But on our way to that vacation, we make sure that we’re well insulated with noise, whether it’s blaring from the car stereo as we drive or plugged into our ears as we sit on the airplane.

A Lenten Journey to Love

By Matthew Gallatin

As a young child, Nick Damascus loved watching priests deliver their homilies from the pulpit. His little heart would stir, and he would say to himself, I want to do that! I want to stand up there and say, "Hey, you people! Wake up! God loves you!" Fifty years later, Nick is indeed a zealous messenger of God.

Making Up Is Hard To Do

By Fr. John Abdalah

If Neil Sedaka is right, and “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do,” what would we say about making up? Making up sure isn’t easy, but it is what Christianity and life are all about.

Christianity's Mis-begotten Child

By Carole A. Buleza

I am not alone in thinking there is something very wrong with Christianity today. A particularly salient symptom is the phrase, “It doesn’t matter the church you go to, we all worship the same God.” The disorder has been named “relativism,” but I believe I have found the true diagnosis: moralistic therapeutic deism.

New Year's Coming

By Fr. John Abdalah

The coming of the New Year is often a time of reflection, and, this year, folks seem more reflective than ever. This year, I think that reflective may even mean anxious.

Abiding in God This Nativity Season

By Fr. John Abdalah

In a discussion about donuts at coffee hour, a parishioner asked me what he gets from the Church besides donuts! “Opportunities,” I replied. "The Church gives you the opportunity to be the Christian you were baptized to be."

Chaplain's Corner: Godless Thanksgiving?

By Fr. George Morelli

Sadly, a couple weeks ago I heard a line said by the star of a newly released Hollywood film to advertize its opening. The line, a quote from the film’s script, spoken in a derisive tone, went something like this: ‘The last time I thought about God, was when I was high-tailing it away from the cops.’

Beyond My Eyes

By Janice Bidwell

The color of my brown eyes will never change. My eye color is a constant part of me from start to finish, and most days I don’t give the color of my eyes a second glance. When I’m in a sea of blue eyes, my brown eyes feel very brown.