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Food For Hungry People

“When you see a poor person, remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ by which He declared that it is He, Himself who is fed. For though that which appears be not Christ, yet in that person’s form, it is Christ Himself who receives and begs.”
--St. John Chrysostom, “Homilies on Mathew” #78.

Metropolitan Philip's 2014 Food for Hungry People Letter

2014 Food for Hungry People Calendar (PDF)


In the autumn of 1974, an international conference was convened in Rome, Italy, to formulate a program aimed at alleviating world hunger. The members of SOYO, compelled by their love of God and His Creation, met in Wichita, Kansas the following winter, and unanimously adopted a program which would afford every individual in our Archdiocese an opportunity to personally help bring food to their hungry brothers and sisters throughout the world. Presented by Archpriest James Meena, of blessed memory, the first, "FOOD FOR HUNGRY PEOPLE" campaign was planned for the Great Lent of 1975.

Through your generosity and prayers, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been distributed to the hungry and poor in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. All of the funds collected have been used to meet the needs of hungry people.

We are now witnessing the world of hunger, poverty and homelessness in our own neighborhoods. Hunger is one of the world's most pressing problems now affecting over one billion people, and next year it is projected that hunger will affect 4.5 million people in the United States alone. Behind this grim statistic are children and families loved by God, who are deprived of their right to a full of life because they do not have enough to eat. Whenever there is a need to help anyone, or any emergency, we are there to help. Over the years we have extended ourselves to thousands of men, women, and children in an attempt to improve their lives and help alleviate their suffering.

God Bless you and thank you again for caring and sharing a part of your lives with those less fortunate than ourselves.


You can give your gifts to the hungry in honor of a loved one on any occasion such as a birthday, baptism, anniversary, thank you, retirement or any other special event. “A Gift from the Heart” is also a thoughtful memorial. We will send a personalized icon card to the person you designate to inform them of the gift you gave in their honor.

You may give by sending a check along with a personalized donation form to:

“Food For Hungry People”
c/o Robin Lynn Nicholas
4237 Dundee Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Brochure (2013)

Food for Hungry People Resource Packet (2013)