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Bible Bowl and Oratorical Festivals

2015 Oratorical Conference Theme:

100th Anniversary of the Falling Asleep of St. Raphael of Brooklyn


Recommended reading: Our Father Among the Saints Raphael Bishop of Brooklyn, including the Liturgical texts contained in this book. Orators may also research other Orthodox sources on Saint Raphael Bishop of Brooklyn.

Share the life of St. Raphael as an inspiration to your hearers.

Consider one or more of the following in preparation for your oration:

  • Share one or two events from the life of Saint Raphael, prior to his coming to America, that you believe shaped his ministry here in North America.
  • Speak about the rich experiences that Saint Raphael had in being educated in the Middle East, Greece and Russia and how those diverse experiences helped him serve in North America. Explain how those experiences may be a model towards Orthodox unity.
  • Share why Saint Raphael believed that well-educated clergy are essential to the life of the Church and to the spreading of the Orthodox Faith in North America. 
  • Speak about Saint Raphael's experience of monasticism, (his own and that which he witnessed in Russia), and speak on how that experience may have prepared him for the disciplined and sacrificial life he led as a priest and bishop in North America.
  • Following the example of Saint Raphael, speak on how you as a North American teen can share your Orthodox Faith with others and bring witness to the Orthodox Church and salvation in Jesus Christ. What qualities, as a good shepherd (as a Bishop), did you find most appealing in Saint Raphael? What did you personally learn from the life of Saint Raphael that has motivated you to live your Orthodox Faith?
  • Speak about the courage Saint Raphael had as a young man, as a deacon, as a priest, and as a Bishop. How do you think the courage of Saint Raphael's parents and the Christian community during the time of his birth formed Saint Raphael's own courage and conviction to stand up for the needs of the Church and her people, both in his homeland and in North America? How was the courage that Saint Raphael displayed throughout his life a source of hope, direction, strength, and benefit to the Church and the people whom he served?

2015 Bible Bowl

Participants will study the life of Saint Raphael from the book Our Father Among the Saints Raphael Bishop of Brooklyn: Good Shepherd of the Lost Sheep in America.

Questions for the Bible Bowl will be taken from pages iv-69 and 102-116 of this book.

2015 Bible Bowl Sample Questions (PDF)

Recommended Book Available from:

Antiochian Village Online Bookstore
Soft cover: $12.00 + shipping
To purchase, visit:

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Bookstore
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Diocesan Contacts

Updated 3-22-13
Before you begin working on your Creative Festival entries, please check the individual rules for your Diocese at the bottom of this page.

Fellowship of St. John the Divine
Bible Bowl Advisor

John Abud
c/o St. George Orthodox Church
PO Box 320164
West Roxbury, MA 02132
617-323-0323 ext. 3

Fellowship of St. John the Divine
Oratorical Coordinator

Julie Anne Abboud
87 Woods Road
Little Falls, NJ 07424
973-812-0444 h



Bible Bowl

Ottawa, Eastern Canada, and
Upstate New York

Bruna Salhany

Karla Samman

New York and Washington D.C. /
Charleston and the Mid-Atlantic

Laila Ellias

Please contact Michelle Khalaf at by June 1st to register your teams.

Toledo and the Midwest

Lorice Ratas

Julia Shaheen

Amanda Burgoyne

Worcester and New England

Rachael Reilly
51 Wheelock Street
Oxford, MA 01540

Brendan Ferguson
47 Cedrus Ave.
Roslindale, MA 02131

Miami and the Southeast

Anastasia Quattry
829 River Boat Circle
Orlando, FL 32828-9113

Courtney Gray
14601 Pointe East
Clermont, FL 34711

Wichita and Mid-America

Deadline for Bible Bowl Teams and Oratorical entries is May 31st.

Grace Tannous


Kh. Gigi Shadid
1814 Oakhurst Parkway
Sugar Land, TX  77479
(316) 204-7964

2014 DOWAMA Bible Bowl Registration Form (PDF)

Los Angeles and the West/Eagle River and the Northwest
Deadline Date: June 10th

Amanda Sahawneh

Robin Nicholas
323-665- 2845 h
213-200-7575 c
4237 Dundee Dr.
Los Angeles CA 90027

* Oratorical Submission Deadline is Two Weeks before each Parish Life Conference. Contact each diocesan coordinator for more details.

The Bible Bowl and Oratorical Festivals are hosted by the Fellowship of St. John the Divine. Topics developed and printed by the Department of Youth and Parish Ministry with the blessing of the Metropolitan.