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Fr. Raphael Daly and Fr. Isaac Farha Return to DOWAMA

His Grace Bishop Basil writes:

Fr. RaphaelFr. RaphaelFr. IsaacFr. IsaacWELCOME HOME TO DOWAMA!

Fr. Raphael Daly, a son of St. Michael Church in Beaumont, Texas currently serving as second priest at St. Nicholas Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been assigned second priest at St. Elias Church in Austin, Texas. He and his wife Khouriya Zohreh are the parents of two young daughters.

Fr. Isaac Farha, a son of St. George Cathedral in Wichita, Kansas currently serving proistamenos at St. Nicholas Church in Fairbanks, Alaska, has been assigned proistamenos at Holy Transfiguration in Hillsboro, Kansas. He and his wife Khouriya Anastasia are the parents of three young children: a son and two daughters.