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Good Samaritan Humanitarian Project

From the Diocese of Miami and the Southeast NAC Teen SOYO, the Good Samaritan Humanitarian Project is now available here for the use of all. Click here to download (PDF).

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself…” (Luke 10:27)

Who is my neighbor?

It was in answer to this question that Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan. With that question still on our minds, SOYO introduces a brand new program: The Good Samaritan Project. Through this new program SOYO chapters are given the opportunity to minister to their neighbor; whether it is a member of their local Church community, someone in a nursing home, a person who is homeless or just about anyone that they meet. It is through these projects that we learn about the love of God through serving our neighbor. The Good Samaritan Project is a great way to learn to live up to the great command and to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As SOYO members in our parishes, we are called to be leaders to our peers and as such we need to take an active role in our communities. We have decided as officers of SOYO that this would be a wonderful opportunity to show our love for God in our communities and grow closer to Him. The Good Samaritan Project enables us to fulfill the Gospel commandments and share the love of Christ on a broader scale, while also influencing and inspiring others.

We need to promote the principles of SOYO and the teachings of the Orthodox faith. Worship, Witness, Service, and Fellowship bring each of us closer together, to the Church, and to God. Many SOYO chapters are active within their own parish, but it is also important to share our service with a broader community. The Good Samaritan Project will also give non-active chapters a jump start in community service and will encourage humanitarian work. As teens we are searching to find purpose in life and our own identity. These service projects will help us realize what we stand to gain from helping our fellow man.

It is important that we thank God for all of the many blessings, gifts, and talents that He has given us and use them to spread His love to others. If every church did their part we could not only help individual cities but our Diocese and ultimately Archdiocese as a whole. We can show our thanks to Him by serving those that are less fortunate than us, truly realizing the small things in life that we should be extremely thankful for and may take for granted. It is important to remember that you as an individual often get just as much out of the project as the person you are serving. We must have love, an optimistic attitude, and patience while helping those in need.

In Christ,
NAC SOYO Good Samaritan Committee

How the project works

Each participating church will be sent two blank sheets of white scrapbook paper. Please cover front and back of both of these pages. Please include your church's name, location, and project information. In your project summary please include how many people participated and what you gained spiritually from this experience. Feel free to decorate your pages with vivid colors, stickers, word art, and any other creative materials you can think of. Please use lots of pictures to help show others what you have done! Be as creative as you can! Remember, this will be used to decide the most humanitarian award.

Once both your pages are decorated and complete please send them to:

Miami Dice Good Samaritan Project
1244 Poinset Place
Decatur, GA 30033

All scrapbook pages must be sent in by June 1, 2010. All the pages will be pieced together into one scrapbook for the Diocese which will be presented at the 2010 Parish Life Conference in Jacksonville, FL.