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Help IOCC Provide School Kits to Syrian Refugees

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) remind us that with the new school year, Syrian refugee students are in need of supplies and hygeine items. The notebooks and pencils in the IOCC School Kits provide tools needed to continue learning, while the items in the Hygiene Kits help children maintain their health and dignity. The following IOCC-sponsored kits are offered:

SCHOOL KITS — Imagine going to school without pencil and paper. Children in many of the countries where IOCC works don't have even the most basic of these school supplies. By putting together a School Kit, you can give a less fortunate child the tools needed to succeed in school.

HYGIENE KITS —Basic items like a bar of soap, wash cloth, comb, and bandaids may seem small, but putting them all together in a Hygiene Kit can make an instant difference in an ongoing development program or when disaster strikes.

BABY KITS — The very young are also the most vulnerable during difficult times. A Baby Kit filled with essential items like diapers, washcloths and blankets can make the early days of new life healthier and more comfortable. 

EMERGENCY CLEAN-UP BUCKET — Put together an Emergency Clean-Up Bucket to help people begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood, hurricane, tornados, or other disaster here in the United States. 

Visit the IOCC's Website for further instructions about their Kits.