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Historic Boston Convention: "Something for Everyone"

North American Chair of the Order of St. Ignatius and Boston attorney, Mary Winstanley-O'Connor, will have an eventful year in 2015. Along with co-chair Raymond Sayeg, she is serving as co-chair of the committee responsible for the 52nd Antiochian Archdiocese Convention, which will be hosted by her home parish, St. Mary Orthodox Church in Cambridge, MA with The Very Rev. Antony Hughes. asked her about the plans for the Archdiocese's "family reunion," which will be held in history-rich Boston, and will be led by Metropolitan Joseph for the first time.

Tell us about your hometown of Boston, and what conference-goers can look forward to this summer?

Boston is the cradle of democracy, rich in the history of the founding of our country, and home of the site of the Boston Tea Party. People are able to walk the Freedom Trail, visit the Old North Church from which the lanterns were hung to warn the troops as to whether the British were coming by land or by sea, and to visit the Paul Revere House.

Boston also offers museums rich with works of art, the John F. Kennedy Library which chronicles the life of 35th president, the New England Aquarium, and the Children's Museum, with its educational, interactive exhibits.

Boston is a jewel of a city, rich in culture, diversity, and hometown pride. In our city, there are four championship sports teams and numerous award-winning restaurants. There is something for people of all ages.

This will be Metropolitan Joseph's first convention as metropolitan...

Yes, the convention will indeed be a historic and momentous occasion. We will have the opportunity to hear from our new metropolitan—to learn more of his vision for our God-protected archdiocese, and what he expects of us as spiritual and lay leaders.

Tell us about "An Enchanting Evening Over Boston" and other events.

Thursday evening will be a celebration of our Metropolitan's selection as our primate. It will also be an evening of food, music, and fellowship. There will be a dinner featuring the tastes of Boston, including seafood from our waterfront area, Italian food to showcase the Italian section of Boston, Chinese food to highlight Chinatown, and food representing the Irish influence in our city.

The evening will include dancing and motivational dancers who will get everyone up—young and old!—to dance.

There will also be other Boston-themed activities, including the Duck Tour boat on Monday evening to introduce many of Boston's historical and cultural attractions; a Wednesday evening with fellowship, music, cocktails and dessert, held 50 stories above Boston on the Boston Skywalk (a breathtaking view of the city); and other Boston activities for kids and teens.

St. Mary is a welcoming and diverse community. How will that be reflected in the character of the convention?

Certainly, the week has been planned to ensure that the hospitality and diversity of our parish community results in a memorable time of spirituality, fellowship and entertainment.

Should we be registering now?

 The hotel is quickly booking up. The rate of $199.00 per night (before tax) is a rate than cannot be replicated in Boston during the summer months. Don't miss the opportunity to book a room in this hotel, which has recently undergone a $13 million renovation and is within walking distance of many recreational and educational activities and venues.

If you desire to experience this historic event with Patriarch John X and Metropolitan Joseph, to see old friends and make new ones, and are looking for a fun-filled family vacation, the Boston Convention will be the place to be!


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