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March is Antiochian Women Month

The month of March, designated as Antiochian Women Month by His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph, is a time when the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America encourage their sisters in Christ to participate in the Liturgy and minister in their parishes and their communities. 

Learn more about Antiochian Women and download the resources below.

2017 March Mailing Vice President Cover Letter for Mailing (PDF)933.3 KB
2017 NAB Project Note For Inclusion in Mailing (PDF)401.48 KB
2017 NAB Project Message to Congregation (PDF)547.64 KB
2017 NAB Project Met Joseph Letter Antiochian Women Month (PDF)85.48 KB
2017 NAB Project Poster (PDF)34.81 MB
2017 NAB Project Scholarship Coordinator Letter Grant Application (PDF)529.9 KB
2017 NAB Project Trifold Brochure With Grant Application (PDF)44.01 MB