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Memory Eternal! + Dorothy Elizabeth Rothman Fluty

By Dr. Doreen D'Angelo


Dorothy Elizabeth Rothman Fluty passed away on June 16, 2013 at the age of 96. She was a member of St. Mary's Orthodox Church in West Palm Beach, FL. Dorothy was pre-deceased by her loving husband, Nicholas Michael Fluty (Flutie), who was born in Lebanon and passed away in 1984.

She was born in the Bronx, New York in 1916, where she lived with her parents, Nathan & Carrie-Ethel Rothman. Most people didn't know that our mother Dorothy was of Jewish background (both parents). One day she and I sat down and had a serious discussion. She wanted what I had, and I said, "Momma, what do I have that you want."? She said she noticed that I could handle situations that were coming my way with a godly attitude, something she never experienced in her life up till that point. I told my momma, that we can talk with Dad and see about her taking lessons and being baptized into the Orthodox Church Dad belonged to. I was Catholic, and my Dad was Orthodox, so it only seemed fitting to choose my Dad's church.

Mother, for the first time in her life, belonged, and she soon volunteered for everything she could possibly do for the church. Momma gained many friends who are still remembering her and the wonderful selflessness she put forth in all she did. Dorothy (Momma) has two children: her loving daughter Dr. Doreen D'Angelo, and Fred, her younger child. Both have been married for many years to their loving spouses: Doreen's husband is Joseph D'Angelo, and Fred's wife is Ann Fluty. Doreen and Joseph have four children. Fred and Ann have no children. She also had two Grandchildren, Stephanie, and Stephen. Two Great Grandchildren, Joey and Nina (from Canada). A Great-Great Grandchild named Talia (from Canada). Dorothy also has two step-Grandchildren named, Darlene & Francene D'Angelo (son, Chris).

Mother's life was well lived and she was well loved by all who knew her. Dottie's children and family miss her very much and know spiritually that they will meet her one day again! God bless you momma, and rest now in peace. Dorothy had Alzheimer's Disease, and in Feb. 2013, she no longer recognized anyone. "Hospice" was called in, and she went home to our Lord in peace. 

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