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Metropolitan PHILIP Award


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Geri Farris

6740 Donna Rae Drive

Seven Hills, OH 44131


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1. PURPOSE: The purpose of establishing a Midwest Antiochian Women Merit Award is to recognize outstanding leadership qualities and contributions by the members of Midwest Antiochian Women to the regional organization. The award should be based on Participation in regional Antiochian Women programs and activities, rather than just participation in the local ladies organization.

2. ELIGIBILITY: Any member who previously was in good standing of parish within the boundaries of the Midwest Region, regardless of where she is currently residing, is eligible to receive Award.  The individual must be active in the local parish programs and be certified by the pastor. Further, the individual must be active and contribute regulary to the programs of the Midwest Region of the Antiochian Women for a minimum period of five years.   The recipient of the Award must represent the ideals of the Antiochian Women: Christian Leadership, Awareness, and Commitment, Sense of fellowship and Expression of love and service and charitable deeds.

3. AWARDS SELECTION COMMITTEE: This committee consists of five previous recipients of the Metropolitan Philip Saliba Award. The Chairman of the committee will be appointed by the president of the Midwest Antiochian Women. Local chapters of the Antiochian Women and members of the Executive Board may nominate persons for the Award. All nominations must be submitted to the Chairman. The committee will meet to review the nominations. Final selections of the recipient will be made by June 1 of each year.

4. PRESENTATION: The Award will be presented during the Ladies Luncheon of the annual Midwest Parish Life Conference. The previous year's recipient will make the presentation. The presenter will make some brief remarks on the background and contributions of the recipient and then announce the name of the recipient.

5. NAME AND TYPE OF AWARD :  The Midwest Antiochian Women Merit Award will be called the METROPOLITAN PHILIP SALIBA AWARD, honoring him as the founder of the AOCWNA and in commemoration of his Silver Jubilee (1991) in the Episcopacy. The Award will consist of a certificate and a gift of a sterling silver pin.

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