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Metropolitan Silouan Visits St. George Cathedral for Patronal Feast

On April 26-27, 2014, St. George Cathedral of Coral Gables, Florida, welcomed the Patriarchal Vicar His Eminence Metropolitan Silouan for the Blessed Feast Day of St. George, the patron of the community.

His Eminence arrived at Miami International Airport late on Friday night, April 25th, and was welcomed by Fr. Saba, Archdeacon David, and a dozen members of the Parish Council and community. After exchanging greetings at the airport, all enjoyed a nice dinner and a warm conversation at a nearby restaurant.

On Saturday April 26th, the bells rang in jubilation at the arrival of our beloved Patriarchal Vicar along with His Grace Bishop Antoun. The Cathedral was beautifully adorned in red and white satin streams and multi-colored flowers in reverence of this momentous and historic occasion.

Metropolitan Silouan and Bishop Antoun arrived at the doors of St. George Cathedral a little after noon. The entire Cathedral Council and the Officers of FSJD and SOYO waited in anticipation at the steps to receive the blessings of our hierarchs. After the introductions in the church, a luncheon took place at a nearby restaurant. His Eminence asked the youth and those present a series of questions, after which a very meaningful discussion developed.

At 4:00 p.m., a meeting took place in the Cathedral Library, led by His Eminence. His Grace Bishop Antoun, local clergy and members of local Parish Councils listened attentively as His Eminence answered everyone's questions regarding this transitional period until the election of a new Metropolitan for the Archdiocese.

At 6:00 p.m., the Great Vespers Service and Artoklasia was celebrated for the Paternal Feast of St. George. His Eminence gave a brief but powerful message at the end of the service. After receiving a blessing, the faithful proceeded to the Cathedral Hall for a dinner reception in honor of the Paternal Feast Day and to welcome His Eminence and His Grace. During the dinner, His Eminence asked all the faithful to participate in a short exercise, which was beneficial for all who witnessed it.

On Sunday, April 27th – The Divine Services for the Patronal Feast Day of St. George were celebrated, during which His Eminence gave an eloquent sermon. A luncheon ensued in the Cathedral Hall after the Liturgy. The Sunday School Youth Choir ended the luncheon beautifully with the singing of the Troparion of the Feast Day of St. George.

Much appreciation to the Fellowship of St. John the Divine for leading the way for the preparations of the entire weekend. Sincere gratitude and thanks to all the sponsors of the meals, flowers, decorations and other expenses relating to this historic weekend.

Truly, it was a beautiful weekend! Thank God for all His blessings!

To view photos of this historic weekend please visit the Cathedral Website.