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Sacred Music News

(Last updated May 6, 2014)

  •      Coming Next Month:  Pan-Orthodox Liturgical Music Symposium, June 12-15, at Northern Kentucky University.  Go to this link for the Registration Form, and more information about the Speakers and Schedule.  Deadline: May 31st.
  •      Because the Menaion Byzantine Project by Kazan is out of print at this time, and there were numerous corrections that needed to be made, and music missing as well, for the two Sundays before Christmas, we have decided to put the music for each of those Sundays, for Vespers and Matins, in our PDF Library.  Please go to the PDF Library, Section "S," and you will see them listed there as the Sunday of the Forefathers, and the Sunday before the Nativity of Christ.
  •      Now available:  On the website of St. George Church, Cedar Rapids, IA, on their main page toward the bottom, there are audio files available of Fr. Elias Bitar chanting the "Lord, I have cried" from Vespers for each tone.  Go to:
  •      Professor Michael Hilko's Christmas Carols are now available, paraliturgical hymns, in the "Carols of the Nativity" section. 
  •      Mentoring Program:  If you are a chanter, a choir director, or choir member, and would like some assistance with what you are doing in church, or have any questions, please write to this department, using the contact information, and we will provide you with someone in your area to help you with your chanting, directing, or singing.
  •      Newly added to the website: Children's Music for ages Pre-School to 6 y/o; and ages 7-12 years old. We thank Elizabeth McMillan for putting all of this together for us to have, free of charge.  Music for our Teens will be coming soon.
  •      Music is also available for the Canon of the Nativity of Christ, by Kazan in Section C.
  •      A new Kanon of the Nativity of Christ, done by Jessica Suchy-Pilalis, in Byzantine and Western notation, is now available for purchase.  Click here to read the press release and get information about how to obtain your copy.    
         Download the
    Department of Sacred Music's Report to the General Assembly at the 2011 Archdiocese Convention in Chicago
  •      The Pre-Communion Psalms: Pss 22, 23 & 115, are available in Byzantine chant format, and may be sung either before or during Communion.
  •      Communion Hymns for each Sunday and Feast are available in one download, and are listed in our Music Downloads as Communion Hymns for the Year.
  •      We also have music available for the singing of Many Years to a Priest and Bishop at the end of the Divine Liturgy.
  •      Please note that the following pieces of music in the National Convention Music listed above, and down in Section N, have been updated:  Pages 4A, 4C, 6.9, 12A, 12F, 13H, 13I, 14A, 14B, 14C, 14F, 17A, 17C, & 24A.
  •      The two Psalms of the Polyeleos, sung in Orthros (Matins) on Major Feasts, are now available. The first, Psalm 134, comes from Bishop Basil's website, and the second, Psalm 135, is from Holy Transfiguration Monastery.
  •      The music for the Arabic version of "As Many As Have Been Baptized" has been updated, correcting how the Arabic is spelled using English phonetics.
  •      The Divine Liturgy by Professor Michael Hilko, sung by many of our choirs in the 1950s and 1960s, is now available in English.
  •      New 3-part Divine Liturgy, by Richard Toensing, now available for smaller choirs.
  • Standardized Music: We standardized the music to be used for various Feasts and Services, and ask that all parishes use this music when singing in combined parish gatherings, such a Conferences, Conventions, Retreats, etc. The music is for the following:
  • Found under "Troparia of Feasts and Forefeasts"
    * The Troparion of Pascha in English, Arabic and Greek, slow and quick versions
    * The Troparion of Pentecost
    * The Troparion of the Elevation of the Cross
    * The Kontakion of Annunciation, found under "Kontakia of Feasts and Forefeasts"
    * Gladsome Light, Byzantine chant version (sung at Great Vespers), found under "Gladsome Light"
  •      The National Convention Music has been updated with a new Trisagion Hymn (10E) and Cherubic Hymn (13I) from Richard Toensing, plus revisions on the Cherubic Hymn (13H) by Christopher Holwey. Revisions were also made to 12A & 12F, 14A, 14B, 14C, & 14F, reflecting that we DO NOT sing "Many years, master" instead of "And to thy spirit" when a bishop says "Peace be to all," and that after the Gospel, we sing "Glory to thee..." FOLLOWED BY "Many years, master" as the bishop blesses the congregation with the gospel book.
           For individual pieces of the Convention Music, click on the "Music Downloads" link, and then the "Music for the National Convention" link in the box. This will bring up all of the Convention music individually.
  • The Music for the Sacraments of Baptism and Marriage (Wedding), plus the Memorial and Funeral Service are now available for upload.
         Baptism, chant & choral
         Marriage, chant
         Marriage, choral
         Memorial, chant
         Memorial, choral
         Funeral, chant
         Funeral, choral
  • Are you having a bishop at your church on a particular Sunday, or special Feast? We have the music available for you, as follows:
          Before Thy Cross--Hierarchical, choral version
          As Many As Have Been Baptized, choral version, Meena, Byzantine Tone 5
          As Many As Have Been Baptized, Arabic chant version, Byzantine Tone 5
          As Many As Have Been Baptized, Russian choral version, Hilko
          Trisagion Hymn, Greek version, Meena, Tone 2
          Trisagion Hymn, English version, Meena, Tone 2
          Trisagion Hymn, English version, Hilko, Tone 3 (the melody of Qudduson)
  • Music for ordinations of deacons and priests:
          He is worthy (Axios)
          Lord have mercy (as sung slowly during the ordination)
          Ordination Troparia (as the candidate walks around the table)
  • If there is anything else you might need and you cannot find it here, please write to us! (See contact info in right sidebar.)