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Children’s Orthodox Parochial School Bulletin

Children's Orthodox Parochial School Bulletin
Published by St. Nicholas Orthodox Parochial School, Tarpon Springs, Florida
Reviewed by Reverend Fr. George Alberts
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St. Nicholas Orthodox Parochial School, Inc publishes the Children's Orthodox Parochial School Bulletin weekly from September through June of each year. The bulletin is a copyrighted piece which is distributed electronically in PDF, Adobe Acrobat Standard Format to approximately 1,000 individuals and organizations in the United States, Canada and the Far East.

The Bulletin is provided in color, which is the preferred method of reproduction, but it can also be produced in black and white. The format is 8 ½ x 11 paper folded in half and run off in booklet form. The back cover of the bulletin contains a box with the heading "Reproduced by" which allows you to insert your name, address, phone number or any other information up to four lines.

The section entitled, "THE GOSPEL Under the Microscope" examines the Sunday gospel reading and clarifies and comments on its meaning. The second section entitled "FOCUS ON A FEAST" focuses on a Feast of the Church or may relate to one of the saints mentioned in the Gospel reading. An example of this is the Gospel for St. Thomas Sunday being put "under the microscope" in the first section and then in this second section the life of St. Thomas and other apostles is examined. The third section entitled, ‘DID YOU KNOW? Facts about the Feast" gives a list of facts concerning the feast spoken of previously. The next two pages contain "Fun and Games" such as word searches or pages to color. Finally, the back cover gives information about St. Nicholas Orthodox Parochial School, Inc, and contains the box "Reproduced by" as mentioned above.

The Children's Orthodox Parochial School Bulletin is an excellent resource for parents as well as church school. Parents can run the bulletin off and use it together with their children. This would provide them with an opportunity to discuss the faith with them and perhaps do the activities together. It is also useful if it becomes difficult to get to church for church school, or if the church does not have a program in place. It can be used as a resource for those classes that are studying the gospel reading as part of their Sunday morning lessons.

Those who wish to use the Bulletin must establish an account, and log in each week. The Bulletin is provided for free, and posted on Tuesday of each week. You may access this resource at: