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Prayer and Liturgics for Nativity Season

Texts and Music for the Nativity Season
Quick links to material for prayer at home and in church

For liturgical use, you should always check with the Archdiocese Department of Liturgics and Translations. and the Diocese of Los Angeles Liturgics page are also helpful resources.

Appropriate services during the Nativity Fast are:

For services on Thanksgiving Day, His Grace Bishop Basil has provided the following texts. The texts follow a Slavic liturgical tradition, but they can be easily adjusted for Antiochian liturgical usage.

Many parishes and individuals celebrate Thanksgiving with the Akathist of Thanksgiving. The Antiochian Women of the East have also provided a printable version of the Akathist organized for devotional reading throughout the Nativity Fast.

The Department of Sacred Music provides musical settings in PDF format for the major feasts of the Nativity season:

The Department of Sacred Music also has a collection of Carols of the Nativity by Richard Toensing, based on Orthodox hymnography (PDF format, not for liturgical use)

Other Paraliturgical Hymns are also available in the PDF Library under section P.

Following the Nativity season, the Department of Sacred Music provides musical settings for the Feast of Theophany:

From His Grace Bishop Basil:

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