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November 5, 2014 + Part 2: The Psalter as a Book of Needs


According to the usage of St. Arsenios of Cappadocia, as transmitted by the Athonite Elder Paisios. Translated for the St. Pachomius Library by Vassilios Kollias, Edited by Karen Rae Keck.

51 (52) So that the hard-hearted masters repent and become compassionate and do not torment the people.
52 (53) So that God blesses the nets and they get filled with fish.
53 (54) So that God illumines the rich people that have bought slaves so that they free them.
54 (55) So that the name of a family that had been unjustly accused is restored.
55 (56) For sensitive people, whose souls have been wounded by their fellows.
56 (57) For those people who suffer headaches coming from big sorrow.
57 (58) So that things come in a helping way for those who work with good intention, so that God prevents every perverse action of demons or crooked people.
58 (59) For those that cannot speak, that God gives them the ability to speak.
59 (60) So that God reveals the truth when a whole group of people is unjustly accused.
60 (61) For those that have trouble in their work either because of laziness or because of fear.
61 (62) So that God relieves from troubles the person who is weak, so that he is not dominated by the urge to complain.
62 (63) So that fields and trees bring forth fruit when the water is limited.
63 (64) When a person is bitten by a dog or wolf that had rabies. (He was also for giving them blessed water to drink).
64 (65) So that merchants prosper, so that they do not speak too much and take advantage of simple people.
65 (66) So that the evil one does not bring obstacles in the homes and cause families to be in sorrow.
66 (67) So that the places where hens are raised are blessed.
67 (68) So that the women whose pregnancies fail manage to endure and become healthy.
68 (69) When there is severe rain and the rivers overflow, taking with them people and houses.
69 (70) For sensitive people that get sad from little things and come to despair, that God gives them strength.
70 (71) For deserted people who become uninteresting to others [lit. "boring"] because of the devil's envy and come to despair, that they may find mercy and healing from God.
71 (72) So that God blesses the gatherings of the new agricultural production that the peasants bring home.
72 (73) So that the criminals repent.
73 (74) So that God protects the peasants that work in their fields when the enemy have surrounded the village.
74 (75) So that the barbarous employer becomes peaceful and does not torment his fellow human beings, the empoloyees.
75 (76) For a mother who is scared during her giving birth, so that God gives her braveness and protects her.
76 (77) When there is no mutual understanding between parents and children, that God illumines them, so that the children listen to the parents and the parents show love.
77 (78) So that God illumines those who lend so that they do not press their fellows for their debt, and so that they are compassionate.
78 (79) So that God protects the villages from the robbing and stealing of the enemy army.
79 (80) So that God cures a person whose face gets swollen and all his head is in pain.
80 (81) So that God takes care of the poor who are in need and sorrow and are depressed because of poverty.
81 (82) So that people buy the products of the peasants, so that the peasants are not sad and depressed.
82 (83) So that God prevents the bad people who want to do murders.
83 (84) So that God preserves all that is kept in the house, and the animals, and the products of the producers.
84 (85) So that God heals those who were wounded by robbers and moreover got psychologically damaged from terror.
85 (86) So that God saves the world when plague comes and people die.
86 (87) So that God extends the lives of those members of the family that are still urgently needed by the rest of the family.
87 (88) So that God protects all those who have no protector and are suffering from hard-hearted fellows.
88 (89) So that God gives strength to those who easily fall sick and are physically weak, so that they can work without getting tired and depressed.
89 (90) So that God brings rain when there is a drought, or that the wells bring forth water again if they have stopped doing so.
90 (91) So that the devil disappears when he appears in front of a person and brings him terror.
91 (92) So that God gives prudence to people so that they progress spiritually.
92 (93) So that God protects the ship when it is in great danger at sea. (He was also for throwing blessed water at the four corners of the ship).
93 (94) So that God illumines the disorderly people who cause problems to the nation and bring commotion to the people, causing trouble by disorder and divisions.
94 (95) So that no spells cause couples to start finding reasons for arguments and fights.
95 (96) So that God gives to the deaf people the ability to hear.
96 (97) So that spells go away from people.
97 (98) So that God gives comfort for those who are in sorrow so that they stop being depressed.
98 (99) So that God blesses and gives grace to those young people who want to leave everything and follow God. [I do not know how succesful is my translation here. To my Greek ear the exact phrase that is used would make me think of people who follow the monastic life but I am not sure. --Trans.]
99 (100) So that God blesses and makes real the desires of the people that are in accordance with His will.
100 (101) So that God gives graces and talents to the good and simple people.


Martyr Galacteon and His Wife at Emesa

Troparion, Tone 4

Your holy martyrs, O Lord, through their sufferings have received incorruptible crowns from You, our God. For having Your strength, they laid low their adversaries, and shattered the powerless boldness of demons. Through their intercessions, save our souls!

Kontakion, Tone 2

You are numbered among the hosts of martyrs for you were illustrious in mighty contests. Galacteon, together with Epistemis, your faithful wife and companion in struggle, unceasingly intercede to the one God for us all.