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Nurturing the Seeds of Orthodoxy: March is Antiochian Women's Month

March is Antiochian Women's Month across our Archdiocese. In the article that follows, you will find an important prepatory letter from Dianne O'Regan, Vice President/Project Coordinator for the North American Board of the Antiochian Women, who has outlined this year's observance, and the focus of the 2014-2015 Project.

In his letter attached below, His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph writes:

"The Antiochian Women never tire of doing good works. And so for 2015, I have given them two new Projects—two new visions for the Antiochian Archdiocese: Monastic Communities and Regional Camping and Learning Centers."


Letter from Diane O'Regan:

February 8, 2015

Beloved Hierarchs, Reverend Clergy and Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

We are quickly approaching our Lenten journey which will lead us to the ultimate feast - the Resurrection of Our Lord; During this period, may all the faithful of your parish be blessed with the love and grace of our Holy Orthodox Faith.

Last fall, each Antiochian Women’s chapter received the poster for the 2014-2015 Project, “Nurturing the Seeds of Orthodoxy Across North America: Regional Camps & Learning Centers and Monastic Communities.”
If you would like to have additional copies of these posters, please contact me, or go to the Archdiocesan website at

His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph has a new and exciting vision for the Antiochian Archdiocese, and our Project is two-fold:

Through the building of Regional Camps & Learning Centers, we will help young and old alike to learn more about our Orthodox faith.

These sites will be where the faithful of each diocese can gather for meetings, prayer and fellowship. The Antiochian Village is the “crown jewel” of our Archdiocese, but many of the other camps across North America have very meager facilities - lack of bathrooms, electricity, or beds (campers are asked to bring sleeping bags). Also, these camps are not owned by the Archdiocese, but are rented and available for use by us only one to two weeks per year.

The second portion of this Project is the establishment of Monastic Communities across North America. There are Antiochian monasteries located throughout the world, but on this continent we are sorely lacking. The goal is to ultimately have monasteries in each diocese — places where monastics will pray for us, and where we can visit to experience a community of love and prayer.

As you are already well aware, March is Antiochian Women’s Month in the Archdiocese, and we have therefore enclosed the following materials for use in your parish:

For the last two years, it has been the custom to present each woman before entering the church with a sticker imprinted with the words, “I Am An Antiochian Woman!” This year, our gift to each woman on Sunday morning will be a window cling of the Theotokos to be placed in the home or in a vehicle. Through this gift, we offer the strength and protection of the Theotokos, while fostering the sisterhood of the Antiochian Women.

All of the enclosed materials have been compiled by the North American Board of the Antiochian Women for use in your church throughout the month of March. We urge you to duplicate the tri-fold brochure and provide it to every woman in your church community.

Please encourage the women in reading the Epistle, ushering, taking the collection, and reading the Antiochian Women’s Month Sermonette that highlights the works of the women, as well as inviting them to be involved in their local chapter, and helping to raise funds for our Project, “Nurturing the Seeds of Orthodoxy in North America.” Project monies that are collected at your church should be sent to your Diocesan treasurer no later than May 1, 2015 in order for her to forward all funds to the NAB Treasurer by May 15, 2015.

In addition, please urge the women in your parish to go to the Antiochian Women’s website at The site contains links to our DIAKONIA newsletter, Membership Handbook, the Antiochian Women's Grant, our DVD, “Yes, We Do!” and other important information.

May God Bless you for all of your hard work and dedication to this most worthy Project, and all that you do within your chapters, parishes, Diocese and Archdiocese. On behalf of the North American Board, we wish you and your families a peaceful journey through Great Lent and a most Blessed Pascha.

Your sister in Christ,

Dianne O'Regan, Vice President/Project Coordinator
North American Board of the Antiochian Women


2015 NAB Project Letter from Metropolitan Joseph (PDF)36.43 KB
2015 Antiochian Women's Month Cover Letter (PDF)39.96 KB
2015 NAB Project Tri-Fold Brochure (PDF)226.27 KB
2015 NAB Project Sermonette (PDF)18.26 KB