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Answers To Tough Questions

Responses To Those Seeking Answers About The Order

1. They say: “The Order is 'too showy'." We reply:

a. We are witnesses to our faith and examples to others

b. We wear secular insignia without feeling “showy”

2. They say: "The Order is just about money.” We reply:

a. The Order is first a spiritual movement manifested through financial giving

b. Jesus sanctioned financial giving when he honored the poor widow who gave her last two coins. She gave from her need. The Order only asks that we give from our surplus

c. When we give to The Order we participate in the “Miracle of Giving”: it is only through God that our combined gifts add up to a greater sum than each person individually.

3. They say: “I give to many worthy organizations and want to spread my giving.” We reply:

a. Do the secular charities open and close with prayer?

b. Do they ask God for guidance?

c. Will other charities remember and help the Orthodox if we don’t? Thus, if we don’t put our faith as our top priority, who will?

4. They say: “I want to give anonymously.” We reply:

a. Giving anonymously is acceptable.

b. Standing before God and pledging our commitment to Him is an honor.

5. They say: “I can’t afford it; it is only for the rich.” We reply:

a. We can’t afford not to

b. $1.35 / day = 1 cup of coffee

c. Members currently are from all walks of life.

6. They say, “I’m too young or too old.” We reply:

a. Everyone of age can join

b. Young people are clamoring to be members when they understand they can join. They want to give back for the next generation what they were able to enjoy and take advantage.

c. A “young” woman of 80 years joined two years ago and recruited 7 new members this spring at her PLC.

7. They say, “ I support my church. I don’t have any connection with the Archdiocese.” We reply:

a. Every Parish and every Antiochian Orthodox is impacted. 33% of the Archdiocese budget is from The Order for our Christian books, music, evangelism, and ministry.

b. The Order contributes 100% of the funds annually to the Priest’s retirement / housing allowance. Every priest in our Archdiocese benefits.

c. Young people enjoy a camping experience and annual College Conference both of which are sponsored by The Order.

America needs Orthodoxy now more than ever before, especially since September 11, 2001. Americans seek security for themselves and their families. The Orthodox Faith is the candle that Christ lit 2,000 years ago. It is a beacon of stability, steadfastness, and strength. The winds of adversity blow strong but we must not let this light extinguish. I ask that you pray and make the commitment to serve our Church, our country, and our Faith.

A challenge to the current members of The Order: Take a chance if you haven’t already and approach someone about The Order. Feel something good happen inside you. Christ approached 12 ordinary people and asked them to “follow me”. They trusted him and did extraordinary things. He called on them individually by name and not in large groups. We therefore must reach out to every individual as Christ did. We too can do extraordinary things if we trust in the Lord.

Giving to someone we know is our responsibility.

Giving to someone we don’t know is our choice.

Make The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch your choice.

The only way to God is through helping other people and denying “I”.