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Informational Letter

Informational Letter for The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch




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Christ asks us to deny ourselves, take up the Cross and follow Him. The cross reminds me that we are asked to choose either the way of Christ through our faith and works, or the way of the world. Money by itself is considered the source of evil; however, money invested takes on new life through its works. The Order celebrates over 30 years of “touching people’s lives.” Since its inception, The Order has distributed over $16 million and now distributes $1.4 million annually. We have been blessed with good health and good fortune the Order offers an opportunity to thank God for His these bountiful blessings. Imagine the endless possibilities that can be accomplished when we as ordinary people combine our resources and change our gifts into something that is both meaningful and extraordinary to our ministry here on earth.

Bishop (Name) will be making his first Arch-pastoral visit to St. (Name) the weekend of (Date). I present this letter and accompanying materials with hope that one or both of you will consider membership in The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch. There are many challenges facing our new self-ruled Archdiocese and we need the commitment and support of everyone in order to insure a strong faith for our future. If you are currently a member, won’t you please consider increasing your current gift level?

Levels of giving include:

$ 500.00 Knight/Dame (Annually for Life)

$ 1,000.00 Knight/Dame Commander (Annually for Life)

$15,000.00 Life Member Endowment payable in 3 installments

Life Membership has its “rewards”. Life Membership is $15,000 in either one payment or $5,000 over three years. The most important aspect of this level of giving is that the corpus will remain in tact forever; only the interest will be distributed on an annual basis. Your gift will continue forever. There are additional tax benefits by contributing marketable securities.

The primary goal of The Order is to provide a financial foundation for our future. We are men and women from all walks of life: secretaries, factory workers, business entrepreneurs, executives, young adults, and grandparents. Members of The Order commit to a lifetime of annual giving. Members are people like you and me who believe that when we combine our gifts miracles happen because we can do more collectively than any one individual alone.

Please pray and make the decision to join the 3,500 other Antiochian faithful with your commitment to become a member of The Order. Your gift is important. God takes your gift in combination with the other members and creates miracles. God and only God can add 1+1 and make it 3.

There are many good reasons for you to join. The following are just a few:

  • If we don’t, who will? If Antiochian Orthodox do not put first their faith, who will? Will the various secular charities we all support share with our Orthodox community as we share with them? I suggest not. If we do not accept the call to action can we be certain our Orthodox youth will maintain the course or will they fall prey to the many outside influences drawing our children away from the Church?
  • America needs Orthodoxy now more than ever before. The Orthodox Faith is the candle that Christ lit 2,000 years ago. It is a beacon of stability, steadfastness, and strength. The winds of adversity blow strong but we must not let this light extinguish.
  • 70% of annual distributions are returned to the parishes via contributions to the various departments serving our Archdiocese such as Youth and Campus Ministry, Christian Education, Missions and Evangelism, and our Antiochian Village Camp.
  • $250,000 annually to support our retired clergy and their wives
  • Annual distributions to major projects outside our Archdiocese such as Hurricane Katrina Relief, Project Mexico, Prison Ministry, IOCC, and Teen Special Olympics.
  • Support of the annual College Conference where our young adults gather for a week of prayer, learning, fellowship, and witness to Christ as Orthodox Christians.

The Order of St. Ignatius is first and foremost a SPIRITUAL movement of action by doing good works in the name of the Lord as we embrace a lifetime commitment to God. The Lord Himself challenges us to give not from our surplus but from our need. Jesus honored the poor widow who gave her last two pennies because she gave from her poverty. She gave what she could not afford. We in America can afford much and have much to be thankful for. All we ask is for you to give from your surplus.

What’s in it for you? An opportunity to give the “GIFT OF LIFE.” We change as human beings because of our commitment to Christ. It is without question a change for the better.

Yours in Christ,