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October 29, 2014 + Part 1: The Psalter as a Book of Needs


According to the usage of St. Arsenios of Cappadocia, as transmitted by the Athonite Elder Paisios. Translated for the St. Pachomius Library by Vassilios Kollias, Edited by Karen Rae Keck.

1 (1) When a tree or a vine is planted, so that it may bring forth fruit.
2 (2) So that God illumines those who go to meetings and councils.
3 (3) So that badness goes away from people, so that they do not torment unjustly their fellows.
4 (4) So that God heals the sensitive people who fell ill from depression because of the behaviour of hard-hearted people.
5 (5) So that God heals the wounded eyes that were bitten by a bad person.
6 (6) So that God frees the person who has been under a spell.
7 (7) For those who got damaged from fear, from the terrors and the intimidations of bad people.
8 (8) For those who are hurt by demons or by perverse people.
9 (9 & 10) So that the demons stop tormenting you in sleep or with fancies during the day.
10 (11) For hard-hearted couples that argue and divorce (when the hardhearted man or woman torments their sensitive wife or husband).
11 (12) For mentally ill people who have badness and harm others.
12 (13) For those who suffer from their liver.
13 (14) For a terrible demon, continually three times a day for three days.
14 (15) So that robbers or thieves change their mind and return having done no harm, and having repented.
15 (16) So that the key is found when it is lost.
16 (17) For a grave and unjust accusation, three times a day for three days.
17 (18) When there is an earthquake or other natural disaster, or devastating rain with lightning.
18 (19) So that women give birth successfully.
19 (20) For the couples who for medical reasons cannot have children, so that God heals them and that they do not divorce.
20 (21) So that God softens the hearts of the rich and they give alms to the poor.
21 (22) So that God contains the fire, so that no big harm happens.
22 (23) So that God makes milder the very rebellious children that bring sorrow to their parents.
23 (24) So that the door opens when the key is lost.
24 (25) For people who temptation troubles a lot and so brings continual problems into their lives, making them lose their peace and complain.
25 (26) When somebody asks something good from God so that He gives it without the person getting harmed.
26 (27) So that God protects the peasants from the enemy army, so that they do not harm the people or their fields.
27 (28) So that God heals those who suffer from illnesses of nervous or mental origin.
28 (29) For those that the sea makes sick and who are afraid of the rough sea.
29 (30) For those that are in danger far away, in the territory of barbarous and unbelieving people, so that God guards them and illumines the people there to become peaceful and to come to know God.
30 (31) So that God gives enough grain and fruit when the weather is not good for agriculture.
31 (32) So that the travelers find their way when they are lost and suffering from it.
32 (33) So that God reveals the truth to those who were unjustly imprisoned, and so that they are set free.
33 (34) For those on the edge of death, when they are tormented by demons. Or, for the enemy army when it brings danger and enters the borders with ominous intentions.
34 (35) So that God frees the good people from the traps of the bad people, who take advantage of the people of God.
35 (36) So that animosity disappears completely after arguments and misunderstandings.
36 (37) For people badly wounded by criminals.
37 (38) When the jaws have pain coming from rotten teeth.
38 (39) So that the people who are abandoned and depressed find work, so that they stop being in sorrow.
39 (40) So that the love between employer and employee comes back when there has been exchange of heavy words.
40 (41) So that women give birth with success when the child comes prematurely into the world.
41 (42) For young people when they get ill from falling in love, and one person gets wounded and is in sorrow.
42 (43) So that the people get free from the prisons of an enemy nation.
43 (44) So that God reveals the truth to couples when there has been a misunderstanding, so that they come into mutual peace and love again.
44 (45) For those who suffer from heart or kidneys.
45 (46) For the young people that the enemy because of envy prevents from making a family (i.e. from getting married).
46 (47) So that the employee or the employer find peace, when the employee leaves offended by the employer, and so that the employee finds work.
47 (48) When gangs of criminals go robbing and grave disasters are happening: to be continually read for 40 days.
48 (49) For those who do a dangerous job.
49 (50) So that the people who are far from God repent and return to God and are saved.
50 (51) When, because of our sins and in order to correct us, comes the punishment of God (epidemics of illness and deaths for people or animals).


Martyr Anastasia the Roman

Troparion, Tone 4

Your lamb Anastasia, calls out to You, O Jesus, in a loud voice: "I love You, my Bridegroom, and in seeking You I endure suffering. In baptism I was crucified so that I might reign in You, and I died so that I might live with You. Accept me as a pure sacrifice, for I have offered myself in love." Through her prayers save our souls, since You are merciful.

Kontakion, Tone 3

Purified by the waters of virginity, righteous Anastasia, you were crowned by the blood of martyrdom. You grant healing and salvation to those in need, and who call on you from their hearts, for Christ gives you strength, pouring out on you ever-flowing grace!